Randall & Co

The Situation

Randall & Co is a men's fashion brand and Australian influencer of men's accessories. This one became a passion project of Arcadian's with the aim to make it one of the most easy to use and easy to manage eCommerce sites we've ever built.


As there would be minimal time to manage the site, we aimed to automate as much as possible while still giving it the same opportunities to succeed and allowing the customer engagement of larger brands.


While the main goal was to develop a website that automated as much as possible (to enable less management time on the site), other goals included allowing easy content management, enabling easy user journey's through the site, and having a great-looking site that encompassed the look, feel and style of a key gentleman's brand.



The Approach

The key to Randall & Co is that the owner was quite time poor so as much management as possible needed to be automated. This included everything from sales tracking, raising of invoices in the accounting package, payment reconciliation (to help the book keeper), automated marketing and A/B testing using Optimizely.


This gave the client the best chance of success from a business, marketing and technology perspective: basically the trifecta!


As the focus on having a low management overhead was very important we spent less time on the design, creating 3/4 of the site from a Magento template. This gave us the ability to design a beautiful, modern site and have time left over to focus on the forgotten side of eCommerce - sales and management.

The Solution

As mentioned above we went with Magento Community Edition building most of the site from a Magento template, used a Stripe Payment gateway and connected to Xero through Zapier.


The most unique part of this site was using AutoPilotHQ to significantly reduce the amount of time the owner would need to spend managing marketing activities. As soon as someone purchases or joins the Randall & Co mailing list, they begin on an automated marketing journey; receiving marketing material based on what they bought for the next month. This used to have to be done manually but now, thanks to AutoPilotHQ, and some fancy integration on our end, it's almost a set and forget activity.


The site is optimized quite heavily and runs on a small Digital Ocean cloud server at the moment but will probably be moved to AWS and RDS in the near future if traffic continues to grow at the current rate.