Transport Direct

The Situation

Transport Direct Australia is a newly established transport broker who have set out to challenge the way things are currently done in the transport industry. Led by transport visionary, Jake Dury, the company aims to replace legacy logistic processes which are often time-consuming and resource-heavy with modern, innovative, effective and efficient online processes.


The main goal for Transport Direct Australia was creating a website that acted not just as an information site, but also a resource for businesses needing to transport goods. In addition to having the ability to produce quotes, view previous orders and track & trace shipments, the site needed to be easy to manage – with the ability to easily change shipping rates, content, images and anything else needed as the business grows.

The Approach

We worked with the team at Transport Direct Australia to gain integral knowledge about the logistics industry – and in particular, the current pain-points and areas where logistics processes could be improved. The key areas that were identified were:


  • The ability to calculate freight on the website – with differing freight rates for different customers (ie. Ongoing clients may get better rates due to more regular shipments)
  • The ability for customers to view their old shipment information
  • Login area where customers can view anything in their account (including manifests, consignments and invoices, as well as calculating freight based on their specific shipping rates)

The Solution

After investigating a couple of different CMS platforms, we decided to go with WordPress. Not only is WordPress one of the easiest content management systems for non-technical users to use, it’s also a lot more dynamic than most people give it credit for.


We used a WordPress template as a base and then customized about 80-90% of the site’s functionality to enable everything required for Transport Direct Australia. Buddy Press was utilized for client logins and we worked to custom build manifests, consignments, freight calculation and quoting functionality.


The site came together beautifully – not only does it look great, the functionality within the site is user friendly and easy for the team at Transport Direct Australia to manage. Within the first week of launching the site, positive feedback was received both from the Transport Direct Australia team and the clients they work with.