Corporate Sites


If you are managing a large corporate website, you need something that isn't just highly functional and can continue to grow with you, but one that is stable and flexible to change. Given it's highly likely you have one than one content editor in the business, you also need a website that is easy to content manage for multiple team members.

Corporate and Enterprise companies need to look at websites that translate what you do in every day so well into your online presence. You need high levels of stability and a website that is flexible to grow with you. Your CMS becomes one of your business tools - something that enables better user experience, compelling yet simple functionality, seamless visitor engagement and a high degree of stability. Your website should be built to support you; to put the control of content and customer engagement in your hands.


By having your website developed with the wrong CMS, structure or application you may be forced to rebuild your site in the short term to better handle your company needs and the ever changing digital landscape. The way customers interact with you today, may not be the way they choose to interact with you next year, or into the future - that's why it's critical that your website is built in such a way that it is flexible to change and fosters the growth of your business. It's important that you choose a system which will work with you and not against you.

Aside from a magnetic user interface which will allow your customers to quickly engage with you, you also need to invest in the technology that allows you to achieve this.

Arcadian Digital have over a decade of software engineering, development and system architecture experience. As well as being a Certified Partner of the leading enterprise Content Management System, Sitecore, we are experienced with Umbraco and core .NET Microsoft Development fundamentals. This means that not only can we design, develop and deliver a great CMS solution but we can also build complex functionality such as:

- Geo Targeting of Content

- CRM Integration

- Multi-Sites

- Custom Analytics

- Custom Visitor Engagement modules

- and much more…

If you want your website to be more than just "average" but to be smart... to offer visitors a more personalised approach, to target content based on geographic location, or simply to be more savvy to the way visitors use and engage with your site, you should be looking at building some of these more complex functions into your site. It's these functions that will take your site from the norm to the "wow" when customers visit.


With experienced in-house developers based in Melbourne, Australia we can work with you to grow your company online. We can help create customer journeys and affect the way visitors use and interact with the site. We’re happy to discuss your business and online objectives with you and provide our recommendations to the right CMS for you. Contact us today for a chat.