eCommerce Development


Medium and Large Business eCommerce is very different to eCommerce designed for small businesses. The sheer size of your eCommerce store means you simply don't have time to worry about managing every micro aspect of the business. This means that when building an eCommerce site for an established medium-large business, we will be look at integrating a number of things to make day-to-day eCommerce management more efficient. These may include:

  • Accounting Platforms
  • Automated marketing solutions
  • Logistics solutions (for example, Australia Post)
  • CRMs
  • Stock counting systems
  • Mailing systems
  • Plus more

In addition, it’s likely that you’ll need more advanced functionality to service your customer’s user experience. Some examples of these include colour selectors (the ability to change the colour of the product in the image), ring designers (allowing the customer to customize the products - for example, choosing engravings on a wedding ring), size selections and more.

Your eCommerce store needs to give your customers everything they would see in a brick and mortar store, including the confidence to buy without having the physical product in their hands. And on your side, the eCommerce store needs to integrate seamlessly into your business, including the ability to produce reports and integrate with your accounting software. For international stores, you will also need to consider differences in currencies and tax thresholds between countries.

At the core, your eCommerce store should seamlessly integrate into your business. It should be efficient, effective and easy to manage.

With over 10 years experience in developing eCommerce stores through Magento, contact us to discuss your eCommerce requirements.