Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to keep a conversation going with your customers. Our email marketing services include template design and building, and management and reporting of email campaigns both to the entire email list or to specific segments of your email list.


Design & Build Email Template

Before we can begin sending email campaigns, we need to design and build an email template that represents your brand and allows for the monthly email inclusions. This may include promotions, feature products or blogs, for example. Our tech team build a test email templates in line with your brand and styling.


Manage Content & Sends

Once the email template is completed and approved, we begin managing the email sends. We’ll provide a marketing calendar outlining the email topics and send dates, and will manage these using the email list required.


Reporting & Optimisation

At the end of each campaign, we run reports which are presented in a monthly digital strategy report. As well as including more basic data such as the number of emails sent, opened and clicked, we’ll also report on any conversions or sales made as a direct result of the email. Over time we also seek to report on any patterns in customer behaviour, for example maybe customers are more likely to click a certain area of the template or are more likely to open on a certain day of the week. We use internal A/B split testing methods to ensure we are achieving the highest open rates achievable.


To get started with email marketing, contact us on 03 9090 7070 or complete our contact form here and we'll be in touch!