PPC Management


PPC (pay-per-click) advertising includes Google AdWords, Remarketing, Facebook Advertising and other online campaigns where your business pays per viewer click to your website. We use a three-tiered framework to create and manage PPC campaigns.


Strategy Development

The first stage in setting up or taking over your PPC campaign is designing a robust strategy. At this stage, we’ll take time to understand your objectives, any past performance, research keywords and understand target demographics. We’ll have chat through these findings with you and provide the best recommendations for your PPC advertising moving forward.

For social media advertising we create a thorough customer avatar that matches your ideal customer. This avatar is used to create custom audiences for specific targeting.



After strategy development, we then implement the campaign(s) using a formulated structure and best practices. This includes creating engaging and keyword-optimised ads, allocating the most suitable landing page, and managing creative on the landing page to tie into the campaign if required. We also complete A/B testing on ads to determine any preferences in CTA’s, copy, promotions and more.


Reporting & Optimisation

Each month, we review how your campaigns are performing. Our reporting includes more than just a regurgitation of an AdWords report. We provide in-depth information on how visitors from PPC ads are using your website, and the conversion rate and value gained through the ads. At this point, we will provide recommendations to optimise the campaign. These recommendations could include anything from the inclusion of negative keywords, raising or lowering bids, replacing poor performing ads, adding keywords and more.


To find out whether PPC might be a good fit for your business, or to chat to us about managing an existing account, please contact us on 03 9090 7070 or complete our contact form here and we'll be in touch!