SEO (Search Engine Opimisation)


SEO is something most businesses have heard of and either don’t understand it, or hold back after hearing horror stories of outsourcing SEO and getting no results, black-listed, or simply throwing money down the drain with no awareness of what the results are. SEO is actually really simple to understand - it’s all about making continual changes to your website to help improve your search visibility. When working with Arcadian Digital to improve your SEO, you will have a significant advantage, gaining the benefits of both technological improvements from our development team as well as content and authority improvements from our marketing team.


SEO Audit

The first step when you begin working with us to improve your SEO is an initial audit. When completing this, we are looking over a key “checklist” of SEO optimisations that we expect all sites to have at a minimum. This is not an exhaustive list but will give you a good idea of any areas for improvement. At the completion of this audit, we’ll present you with findings (including how these will effect your site) as well as recommended actions for the next 3-6 months.


Monthly SEO

All our SEO work is done in a minimum 6 month increments. This is because for SEO to really be recognised and make a difference, it needs to be ongoing. We work within your budget to complete SEO improvements in a priority order. This could include anything from technical optimisations (for example, compressing files, optimising image sizes, robots txt, sitemap etc), content optimisations (for example, better use of keywords, site hierarchy, URL best practice, meta updates etc) or authority optimisations.


SEO Reporting

Contrary to what you might have been told or thought, SEO improvements can be reported on. We produce monthly reports that review activity from organic website users. As well as basic measurements such as organic visitors to the site, we also report on conversions from organic search, as well as how you're tracked keywords are ranking in search results.


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