Small Business Websites


Websites are more than just a platform to give your customer your contact information. Your website should be seen as an extension of your brick and mortar store, as a salesperson and as your administration assistant. It plays a multitude of roles; an important one is providing the first impression of your company to a potential customer. A dated or poorly designed website says as much about a company as a dirty shop floor.

Having a great looking and functional website isn't just for big companies. In today’s world, it’s for everyone. From local plumbers, the up and coming financial advisor to the community football team and the new store beginning to sell online; in today’s world where over 90% of adults search businesses online, having a website is critical to future success.

Not only do you need an online presence through your website, you also need it to represent your brand. It should be professional, easy to use, and trustworthy. It needs to entrust your customers to contact you or buy from you. Think about website that you’ve visited that look confusing, messy and unprofessional. You may of thought they weren’t legitimate companies. Don’t fall into that trap with your business - get it built the right way, the first time and give your business the best digital presence and the best chance of success.

Your website reflects your brand, and gives your customers an insight into what your business is like to deal with. Exceed customer expectations online, and you’re likely to not only grow your business in the short-term, but also begin building a base of loyal customers for the future.

We can help create a website for your small business that grows with you. We’ll start with the necessities but ensure your website is also built to expand with you in the future. We’ll also optimize your website for SEO as well as keeping customer expectations and experience at the forefront of our solution.

You’ll be surprised at just how cost-effective our small business website solutions are, often moreso than the do-it-yourself solutions.

Contact us for a discussion about your business, your goals and your future needs. We’re located in Melbourne, so you are also welcome to visit or call us at any time.