Social Media Management


Social media is a traditionally “fluffy” subject in that many companies know they need to be involved in social networks, but aren’t sure how this assists their business in making sales. Our social media management is centred not only around improving your brand awareness and social authority, but also around tracking how your social networks are contributing to overall sales or conversions from your website.


Data-Driven Content Creation

Rather than guessing the type of content your customers like on social media, we use certain tools to help gather data and insights into consumer preferences as we post to your social networks. In this way, we are able to develop and implement a more engaging content strategy; based on what your customers tell us they like.


Social is Increasingly Visual

We understand that generally speaking, the posts that are most engaging on social are those which catch the eye through well designed images or graphics. Our in-house design team work hand-in-hand with our Marketing Strategists to create eye-catching imagery that tie into your brand and grab the attention of social followers.


Reporting & Optimisation

Each month, we run reports to understand how your social media performed through the month. As well as reporting on more basic data such as reach, likes and followers, we also give detailed reporting on website referrals from social sites, sales and conversions from social sites. Using the results from these reports, we then provide recommendations to optimise the next month’s social media campaigns.


To find out whether social media marketing might be a good fit for your business, or to chat to us about managing an existing account, please contact us on 03 9090 7070 or complete our contact form here and we'll be in touch!