Cloud Computing

The words Cloud Computing are thrown around far too much these days but the reality is, it is the way of the future and it should be the backbone to any company looking to grow.

Having a web server is obviously a necessity of any company looking to go online but what happens when traffic grows too fast or you look to expand into different regions? Well the reality is you need to either consistently migrate your web application to a better and beefier server as you grow or deploy to a cloud based platform and ramp up your server when it is needed.

Arcadian Digital can help set up your site, online store or web application on cloud servers such as Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean. This will allow us to work with you to provide a stable and scalable environment for you digital platform to handle increasing traffic, processing or data storage. If your site was deployed to a traditional web server and your site experienced higher traffic or engagement you would have to spend thousands to migrate your site to a faster server to handle this.

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