With the endless amount of software and cloud based applications available to help you streamline your business, a website is no longer stand alone technology but requires various integrations to assist in creating a more efficient and effective business. 


eCommerce stores now require more effort than ever to drive traffic and increase conversions that if you can save time on logistics, accounting, invoice reconciliation and even automate some of the marketing process, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. The challenge here is integrating these services into your website is usually quite complex. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Firstly, no two websites are ever the same.
  • Secondly, applications such as Xero, Stripe, AutoPilotHQ, Google eCommerce Tracking and many more change the way your website to allowed to talk or connect to them over time.

This means that part of managing your eCommerce store needs to include staying up to date with any changes to the applications you use, and making sure these stay correctly integrated to your website.


Service based companies face an ongoing challenge of finding a product-market fit for their offerings. It used to be easier: if you were an accountant for instance, you'd meet people, tell them what you do and if they didn't want your services they would tell you. This is not the case anymore: you now just get silence...! Integrating applications such as Lucky Orange, Crazy Egg, Live Chat and more help you to understand your customer online better and see how they are using your site. It helps you understand what services you offer match your clients needs and then refine these.


Due the infinite amount of applications you can integrate and communicate with this makes it challenging to find an agency who are creative but also technical specialists. Our staff have a broad range of integration knowledge stemming to connecting military radars and encrypted communications systems to aircraft if you need specialist integration services (maybe for your new rocket) then we have a solid track record in this area. Drop us a line and talk us through your business, what you are looking to achieve and any data you wish you had... chances are we'll be able to recommend something that can be integrated into your site to help.