Magento is arguably the leader in eCommerce with over 20% of online stores world wide being powered by the shopping cart giant.

Magento is a great solution for medium to large online stores and with good reason. It is highly configurable, extremely open to integration into thousands of third party applications and has a huge community and enterprise following to continue its development. Anything you can think of doing in an online store can be done with Magento.

With great add-ons and support, the out-of-the-box functionality of Magento is truly incredible. Being able to create multiple stores for multiple countries with multiple tax rates all from one shopping cart is something no other system can do. Other great out of the box features for Magento include:
- 100% SEO Friendly
- 100% Open Source so you can change anything
- Suits businesses with rapid growth while needing no changes
- Used and Trusted by some of the worlds largest eCommerce sites such as Nike, Olympus, Sports Girl and Ford
- Innovative and modern to move with the changing digital landscape
- Mobile and HTML5 friendly
- Allows incremental development so whatever you build today can have additional functionality built in next month, next year or anytime in the future.

Having a site built in Magento will require some level of technical comfort, either within your company’s IT team or through an ongoing relationship with a trusted digital partner. This minimal level of support is far outweighed by the benefits of a Magento eCommerce store. Magento is ideal for medium to large online stores or rapidly growing small business online stores.

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