Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails is your tool to freedom. Want to build the next Facebook? Maybe you’re looking to build the world’s first online garage sale website? Ruby On Rails can take you there…

Ruby on Rails is a language used for rapid web development. It allows complete freedom of requirements, design and functionality but also allows you to build things in a timely manner. Most CMS systems such as Wordpress, Magento and Sitecore are great for more standard online stores and business websites but come with overheads which slow down development when building custom functionality. Ruby on Rails allows you to build custom applications from the ground up in a fraction of the time and cost, compared to using an existing CMS.

The best thing about using Ruby on Rails as a solution is its flexibility. Most web applications begin with an idea which evolves throughout development, as the system comes to life and you begin to use it the requirements change. Ruby on Rails allows for constant pivoting and incorporation of these changes with little cost. If the same process was performed in other technologies it could mean 10′s to hundreds of hours of re-work costing thousands.

If you've got an idea which is outside the norm, or maybe just want your site developed using this amazing technology (like ours) then give us a call today!