There are many Content Management Systems on the market targeted at corporate and enterprise clients. Arcadian Digital’s prefered platform of choice is Sitecore CMS.

Built with the end-user in mind, Sitecore can literally take your business anywhere! While it is a complex system, learning the system is relatively easy, enabling you to easily manage and edit content. It has a familiar tree structure for content storage, very similar to Windows Explorer and still runs seamlessly in any web browser. It has versioning and locking control, so you can have potentially hundreds of users using the system at one time without the fear of any content loss.

Sitecore has all the perks basic CMS’s have such as ease of use, speed of page loading, SEO friendly and simple integrations into any third party applications, but it also has two components which set it aside from the rest - Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Digital Marketing System (DMS).

Sitecore’s CEP and DMS allow you to create and track how your visitors are using your site and the content they are engaging with. For example, if you notice a customer is focusing on financial content you can automatically change other content to match topics which are of interest and hugely increase customer engagement. Do you need some more insight into what content is popular and generate more qualified leads through web, email and social channels? Then Sitecore DMS module can help.

Sitecore is made for enterprise and its vision and add-ons are aligned with goals of any corporation.

As a Certified Sitecore Partner, talk to us today to find out how Sitecore CMS can work for your company.