WordPress is the rapid development Content Management System. WordPress CMS powers over 75 million websites worldwide and with millions of pre-built themes, plugins and compatible servers it’s no wonder it’s the most popular Content Management System in the world.

If you’re looking to take your company online then this is where you want to start. Putting WordPress in the hands of a capable web developer will empower your business and allow you to manage your own content with a very small learning curve. The reason why a lot of people shy away from websites is because of fear of the unknown. One look at the administration end of WordPress and you’ll understand why so many small businesses use it. Anyone from the secretary to the CEO will be able to update content with about 15 minutes of instruction saving you thousands on developer and technical costs.

WordPress is a CMS at heart but can be easily turned into an entry level online store which far exceeds the functionality of Do-It-Yourself solutions or ‘monthly’ hosted solutions. You can take your store and products online with worldwide exposure while still being able to manage every aspect of the site with ease. This is just another way of showing the power of WordPress and how far it has come with such an active community behind it.

What businesses would suit a WordPress website:
- small to medium professional services
- tradies
- small to medium brick and mortar stores
- start-ups
- any other company looking to make a start online

If this sounds like it will benefit you and your business call us today to find out how WordPress can power your new site!