Aeroplane Jelly

Using mobile-first designs to re-design the colourful, fun and much-loved Aeroplane Jelly website. This redesign incorporated Sitecore as the CMS and a custom responsive CSS framework.

The Challenge

One of most well known and much-loved household brands, Aeroplane Jelly has been delighting young and old alike with their range of jelly and desserts for over 90 years.

We have been working with Aeroplane Jelly for ongoing content management but over time issues continued to arise with different aspects of their website. It was quite dated, missing some important SEO components and importantly hadn’t been built with mobile in mind. This mean’t it was quite difficult to use and navigate from mobile and tablet devices.

Aeroplane Jelly wanted a freshly designed site, a mobile first design, a design that took SEO into account, and one that brought out the fun and liveliness of their family of products.

The Approach

Starting with an analysis of the current site, including analytics around page and device engagement we gained a deep understanding of where the gaps were in the existing site. Knowing Recipes were primarily viewed from mobile devices, for example, allowed us to focus our design efforts around how their customers wanted to consume their content.

As with any enterprise company, they have future plans. We needed to ensure the site design was future proof and allowed for updates, changes and modifications as the Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) market evolved. Aeroplane Jelly have regular releases of new products, recipes and campaigns therefore ensuring the promotion of their new products was just as important as showcasing family favourites.

The Solution

We begun mobile-first designs which meant designing the website first and foremost for mobile and then scaling those designs up to meet desktop sizes. The designs also included some key features such as the Facebook carousel on the home page to give users a community feel on the page, and “Bertie” (the plane) flying in when the home page first loads.

Using Sitecore as the CMS and a custom responsive CSS framework the site came together well and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only did the Aeroplane Jelly team love their newly refreshed website, comments from customers were also very positive with everyone loving the fun and colourful website.

We continue working with Aeroplane Jelly for content management, digital campaigns, PPC management and Sitecore changes.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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