Australia Post

The Challenge

Australia Post are an icon of Australia and with their sheer size brings complexity. Over time, their offerings have grown and with that the difficulty for customers to know and use their powerful array of services has grown with them.

Australia Post needed a more automated, user friendly and targeted platform for direct mail campaigns. In addition the platform had to be smarter, faster and have a lower learning curve to allow users to setup direct mail campaigns rapidly without jeopardising quality.

The Approach

A huge aspect of this project was planning and understanding the how customers currently build their direct mail campaigns and designing a seamless way to replicate this in an online platform. During scoping we needed to understand:

  • how Australia Post customers currently planned their direct mail campaigns
  • what are the current pain points of direct mail campaign setups
  • what are the current campaign targeting/wastage problems

From here, we were able to work with Australia Post to define the key goals and specifications from the customer requirements and the vision Australia Post has for the product now and in the future.

The Solution

After understanding the key pain points of Australia Post customers we begun focussing on bridging the gap between easily targeting a companies customers on a map and creating a mail booking plan.

We developed a web based campaign creation and mapping application in a joint development with Roy Morgan Research and Map Data Services to bridge the gap and allow Australia Post customers to build campaigns faster and smarter.

The platform also allows users to save, clone and reuse existing campaigns to use in seasonal marketing activities instantly.

The data, backed by Roy Morgan Research, allows for targeting down to persona and even Single Source variables allowing niche direct mail campaigns such as Young Tech Savvy 18-35 year olds living in inner city suburbs who are looking to buy a car in the next 6 months.

The uptake has been extremely rapid and we continue to work closely with the Australia Post team to enhance to platform.

The Results

Australia Post now offers one of the only digital insight driven direct marketing mail campaigns on the market allowing customers to take their online learnings right into someones letterbox with unaddressed mail and acquisition mail.

Only months after the platform launched, there has been a rapid customer uptake and system use is growing week on week.

Customers now with large marketing departments down to small pizza shops have been put on a level playing field given the same technology and data only provided to the big players in the industry until now.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!
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