FreshPaper Australia

The Challenge

FreshPaper are a company focused on helping the global food economy reduce fresh produce wastage. Inspired by tea concoctions made by her grandmother in India, creator, Kavita Shukla, created FreshPaper when experimenting with combinations of different spices. What she invented was an entirely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable material that keeps your produce naturally fresh for 2-4 times longer.

Fresh Paper Australia approached us in late 2017 looking for a way to reach greater audiences with a clear message of reducing food wastage. The company were not engaged in any online marketing and were requesting for Arcadian to make adjustments to their existing website as they prepared to increase stock levels, introduce a new range of products and connect with a broader audience. They also asked for assistance in communicating their message and increasing sales to a larger audience.

The Approach

FreshPaper approached us with a clear message for their brand and with a willingness to be guided by our marketing, UX, design and development specialists. Through considered dialogue with FreshPaper, we began to understand the value that they placed on educating the public. We needed to find a way to both spread FreshPaper’s message of reducing wastage whilst also engaging with new audiences who would benefit from purchasing FreshPaper.

Our development department worked closely with our marketing team and design team to ensure that FreshPaper’s identity and message were the focus of the website reworks. Furthermore, we identified the need for greater simplicity and ease of use across the website. With an in depth understanding of FreshPaper and their target customers, our digital marketing team also worked collaboratively with the client to produce a marketing plan that could be tested, measured and refined through their journey.
Fresh Paper Sustainable Paper

The Solution

Arcadian Digital used an iterative approach to initially develop and launch FreshPaper Australia, allowing them to take the next step in growing their business and surrounding community. We used learnings from the initial launch of the site to make optimisations based on user behaviour before settling on stable UI/UX layouts throughout the site.

Our marketing team suggested a multi-channel approach to help FreshPaper engage with new consumers. Utilising a combination of social media marketing, search engine marketing and re-marketing, we were able to connect FreshPaper with the masses. To enhance the marketing efforts effect, heat mapping was set up on all FreshPaper website pages to ensure that user behaviour could be regularly checked and optimisations in messaging and design implemented as needed.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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