McCormick Australia

A clean, modern and mobile friendly facelift to a much-loved family website.

The Situation

McCormick is a household brand known throughout Australia for their every day range of herbs and spices, seasoning, dinner and side dish ranges. Most of us grew up with their products and have a favourite herb or spice that we lovingly use when cooking.

While we had been working with McCormick Australia for ongoing content management, it had been a while since their existing site has received a facelift, and the team at McCormick wanted something a little more special for their customers. The key priorities were to make it responsive but also give it a clean, modern and minimalist look and feel to showcase their products.

The secondary goal was to begin enhancing their content marketing and giving the site an overall better User Experience. In doing this, the goal of the new website was not only to be a beautiful website that users could easily navigate, but also a site that was easy to content manage so that any change requests from brand managers, customer service or the digital team could be quickly and easily implemented.

We completed this project along with their Aeroplane Jelly site update which allowed us to take learnings’ from both sites and share them between the two.

The Approach

Leveraging of the knowledge of the McCormick US counter parts along with the experienced brand team at McCormick Australia, we defined typical goals for website visitors. This included determining the key reasons customers were visiting the site and what their goals would be once on the website. From there, we were able to begin developing ways to make the customer journey through the site easier and more user friendly – basically assisting the customer in achieving their goals.

We also put a heavy emphasis on KEEN’s and their Grill Mates brands (on a quick side note, try the Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce – All I can say is “You’re Welcome”) while still focusing on recipes and general engagement. Previously, the KEEN’s and Grill Mates brands were incorporated among the McCormick products whereas the new website showcases these brands individually; allowing for the individual style of the brands to come through.

The Solution

As it has been many years since the site was previously updated, we decided a complete redesign of the site including an information architecture overhaul was the best approach. This would ensure that the correct user journeys could be incorporated, and enable effective and easy content updates.

Using Sitecore as the CMS and a custom responsive CSS framework the site came together well and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Positive feedback quickly came through with much love for the new look and feel of the website including the ease of use and the “beautiful” look. Another big win was the feedback received from the customer service team who loved the new way the contact section worked, allowing them to easily identify what the contact request was about and enabling them to more efficiently allocate the correct resource to manage the request.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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