Money For Jam

A comprehensive website that focuses on flow and clarity of information with special importance to be placed on lead capture.

The Challenge

Money for Jam, a subsidiary of Money Lab, had a preexisting relationship with Arcadian Digital after we built Money for Jam are loan brokers who specialise in both personal and commercial loans with an emphasise on maintaining a long-term relationship with their clients. A website did exist for Money for Jam, however, it was severely dated, had slow load times and lacked the functionality that they required to take their business forward. We worked with the Money for Jame team to build a comprehensive website that focused on flow and clarity of information with special importance to be placed on lead generation. Ensuring that a potential customer understood all necessary details about their services was extremely important. Money for Jam also wanted to maintain but reinvigorate some of the successful elements of the website’s previous incarnation, the Loan Calculator and Money Partners Program portal.

The Approach

The marketing and design team at Money for Jam were able to provide us with clearly structured design templates focusing on their business goals from which to work from.

Together we worked in an agile manner allowing us to easily change direction and put extra effort into key components of the site which were un-scoped at the beginning of the project.

As well as new functionality we identified existing functionality to enhance including:

  • applying new styling to the dated Loan Calculator and Money Partners Program to align with the Money for Jam branding guidelines
  • building a Meet the Team page
  • building a Blog that allowed for authors to manipulate the length of the preview that was shown on the Listing page.

The Solution

Money for Jam were very excited with their new website. We were able accommodate a rush on deployment of the website in time for an important convention while still ensuring a high quality.

The end product is a fast loading, clean and easy to navigate website that places a great deal of importance on readability and accessibility of information. Beginning from a simple template with limited functionality and design, we were able to build a product that balanced both a flexible CMS for our client with an intuitive and colourful front end that engages prospective customers.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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