Pauls Milk

A geo-targeting .NET solution combined with an easy to use CMS gave a beautiful, functional and easy to manage website for Pauls Milk.

The Challenge

Pauls has been a staple part of the Australian household for over 80 years. With an extraordinary range of dairy products, Pauls range extends beyond their range of milk into custards, yoghurts, creams, sour creams and flavoured milks.

We have been working with Pauls for ongoing content management and during this time, they had ongoing frustrations with numerous limitations on their website. The current CMS was also difficult to manage and the Pauls team were unable to make changes internally to the content of their products, recipes and smoothies.

The key priorities for the new website was to rebuild in a more flexible content management system which would allow them greater control over content, and enable them to personalize what users saw based on their location. It was important that the new website not only looked great and provided a good user experience, but was also easy to content manage so that changes to products, recipes, smoothies and other content could be made by Brand Managers at Pauls.

The Approach

Given that the Content Management System was the key hindrance, the first thing we did was to look into which CMS we would rebuild with. With a multitude of CMS’s on the market an Umbraco (.NET) solution suited their needs and allowed for rapid updates for complex functionality moving forward. In addition to this, having a CMS which was extremely easy to update allowed them to manage and have control over their own content. This included things like geo-targeting certain products to certain states and allowing large amounts of content to be managed on the site without affecting load time.

Pauls Milk
Pauls Milk Personalisation

The Solution

As location-specific personalization was a key requirement, we presented options of a few potential CMS’s that allow for personalisation and ended up moving forward with Umbraco.

The location personalization means that the website now displays products available in your state automatically by reading the IP address of your PC and converting it into a physical location. When on a product, if you switch to a different state, the product seamlessly changes to the relative product available in that state (or reverts back to the home page if a relative product does not exist). Being able to geo-target products was a huge win for the team at Pauls.

As well as nailing the location specific personalization, the CMS is incredibly easy to navigate and update with the Brand Managers at Pauls confidently using it to make content updates throughout the website build.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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