Progressive PR

We helped Progressive PR increase organic traffic in a highly competitive space in the Melbourne PR market

The Challenge

Progressive PR already had a long history and clients list to envy. The challenge they were facing was sharing their work with new companies they could help. As Google was the general source of new business and the PR space in Melbourne is extremely competitive we need to increase search ranking across the board for a variety of keywords.

The Approach

Without looking at data it is impossible to understand why things are how they are. We took an analytics approach and investigated:

  • overall site speed and perforance
  • content strategy
  • offsite SEO

We bench marked the site from a holistic perspective to find the weakest link and address it.

The Solution

After analyzing their analytics and understanding where people came from who converted, we approached this from a site hierarchy and content re-vamp perspective.

Based on keyword search volumes in Victoria, we modified the content throughout the sites to align with what was actually being searched for.

In addition to this, a light backlink campaign was implemented to support content efforts and give an overall boost to the campaign.

The Results

After 6 months, Progressive PR had seen some fantastic results including:

– 30% increase in organic traffic
– Search visibility increased from 1.04% to 5.59%
– External backlinks increased from 7 to 37
– The number of keywords ranking in the top 10 on Google (page 1) increased from 3 to 10
– Keywords ranking into the top 10 were mixed between specific service-related terms such as “Arts PR Agency Melbourne” and more generic terms like “Melbourne PR Agency”

A great result for Progressive PR and we’re not done yet! We’re continuing to work with Progressive to further boost their organic search visibility and improve organic ranking.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

Web Development, PPC, SEOTilley Soaps

SEO, PPC, Web DevelopmentFreshpaper

Web Development, SEO, PPCMoney For Jam

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