Roy Morgan Audiences

Want to know if the people that purchase your products online or contact you are inner city families with 2-3 kids looking to buy a house in the next 12 months and love camping with wine and not beer? Roy Morgan Audiences can tell you...

The Challenge

Roy Morgan Audiences was a collaborative build between Arcadian Digital, Roy Morgan Research and Telstra. The goal was to develop a product that could use data gathered by a Roy Morgan pixel to analyse and understand a company’s audience and who that audience is in relation to Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas. Our challenge was to create a simple tool that could track customer information and provide actionable insights from websites, mobile apps and creative display ads served on online advertising networks (for example, Double-Click for Publishers, Google Adwords).

The Solution

The solution came about in 2 parts.

Firstly, was the data storage challenge as we needed to store trillions of data points while still maintaining performance. There were a few options in the market but the obvious one was Google Big Query. It was infinitely scalable and designed for solutions just like Roy Morgan Audiences.

With the data component ticked off we needed to land on a language. We knew that the platform was going to have enhancements done on a regular basis to suit customers needs but as we didn’t know where we’d end up we needed a technology stack which would not limit us. With this in mind we chose MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular and NodeJS). Javascript technologies are becoming more popular for a reason and with so few restrictions it was a great fit.

With such a complex tool in the making these technologies gave us a perfect foundation to build from.

The Result

Two years down the track and after hundreds of optimizations Roy Morgan Audiences is still performing as great as the day it was built.

The digital measurement tool built with Telstra’s Next Generation technology which allows businesses to analyse and understand a users Helix Persona associated with over 19 million mobile and broadband devices without any compromise of privacy.

The sanitized data delivers unique audience numbers, impressions and clicks broken out into Helix Personas and Communities. Now businesses can effectively manage online digital media campaigns as well as offline media campaigns with some digital assistance from Roy Morgan Audiences.

We continue to work with Roy Morgan Research on Roy Morgan Audiences and other digital web applications.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

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