Slades & Parsons Criminal Law

Our SEO and PPC practices have led exceptional results for Slades and Parsons Criminal Lawyers. In just 12 months, fantastic improvements have been seen to website traffic and online conversions.

The Challenge

Slades and Parsons is a law firm practising for over 35 years exclusively in Criminal Law representing those charged with offences against both the Commonwealth and state. Slades and Parsons have consistently been recognised as one of Melbourne’s Leading Criminal Defence firms. With experience in representing a diversity of clients, types of charges ranging from minor to high profile and complex cases, as well as expertise in dealing with charges of terrorism, homicide, drug trafficking and cultivation, fraud, firearm, assault and sex offences, Slades and Parsons needed an online presence that reflected their level of professionalism, experience and expertise.

The Approach

In initial discussions, we took to gaining an understanding of the business and online objectives – what was it that the Firm wanted to achieve online and how would that tie into larger business objectives. For Slades and Parsons, these key goals included increasing traffic (brand awareness) and improving user experience on the site, with the end goal to increase conversions (measured by phone calls, contact form submissions and address clicks from the website). 

With these goals in mind, a site audit was completed to determine specific changes and tools that would be required to achieve the objectives in mind. We opted to achieve these goals and make such changes through SEO and PPC channels. More specifically, we aimed to increase organic traffic through SEO and pair the strategy with a PPC campaign that would go hand in hand with SEO content.

Legal Digital Marketing Case Study

The Solution

Arcadian Digital was able to help Slades and Parsons make significant improvements through traditional SEO, local SEO and PPC campaigns. Below are some of the key tasks implemented to assist Slades and Parsons increasing their digital presence.

Traditional SEO

  • Optimise pages for SEO based on LSI keyword research, expanded keyword research and on-site best practices.
  • Addition of pages to the site for keywords that we found to have high search impressions.  These additional pages added to the authority of the site, provided more information to the user, and enabled another page to be ranked by Google for a niche search term.
  • Improved visibility in search engine results through building out a glossary page and FAQ page (using our internally built FAQ plugin).
  • Optimised high use pages on the website for relevant call-to-actions, and tracking these CTA changes through Google Analytics.

Local SEO

  • Optimised the site to begin ranking for location keywords such as “Melbourne Lawyers”.
  • Created a Google My Business profile to manage business appearance and allow customers to view location, photos and reviews of the business.


  • Completed initial keyword research, campaign setup and budget recommendations.
  • Performed regular ad health checks in order to get the best performance out of all ads at the lowest cost possible.
  • Geotargeting to ensure budget is allocated to the target audience.

The Results

In just 12 months working with Slades and Parsons, our digital marketing work has achieved some amazing results including:

  • 166.2% increase in goal conversions (phone calls, contact form submissions from the site) compared to the previous year,
  • 142.25% increase in goal conversions from Organic Traffic (directly affected by our SEO efforts) compared to the previous year,
  • 286.96% increase in goal conversions from Paid Traffic (directly affected by our PPC efforts) compared to the previous year,
  • 177.32% increase in total website sessions, 177.18% increase in organic website sessions and 170.45% increase in paid website sessions compared to the previous year,
  • Increase in site visibility from 5.53% in December 2018 to 14.39% in December 2019
  • Increase to  14 keywords ranking on page 1 of search results in 2019 compared to just 4 in 2018,
  • Increase to 37 keywords ranking in search results in 2019 compared to just 10 in 2018.
Slades and Parsons Digital Marketing Results

As seen in the results above, our SEO and PPC practices have led to a steady increase in goals and traffic. Our traditional SEO practices have resulted in a great improvement in visibility on search engines, resulting in a greater share of organic traffic. Since beginning SEO, Slades and Parsons is now ranking number 1 for brand terms as well as climbing higher and building authority on relevant legal terminology.

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