The Challenge

TeamBMPro specialise in battery monitoring and management solutions for Caravans, Campers and RVs. They contacted Arcadian in order to improve the security and efficiency of their Magento website, as well as adding much needed mobile accessibility and functionality to the existing site. We were able to work with their team to highlight potential future risks and prioritize a number of key elements for rigorous improvements and mobile optimization. During the exploration phase of this project, the decision was made to migrate the Magento eCommerce website to a WordPress instance with WooCommerce functionality. Having assessed TeamBMPro’s needs, we understood that WordPress would prove more suitable for what they required from a Content Management System. The new site placed emphasis on greater security, and the switch to WordPress CMS provided significant improvements to ease of use, and a more simplified eCommerce experience with greater flexibility in page styling and editability.

The Approach

TeamBMPro wanted to maintain their existing website design, so our challenge when migrating from Magento to WordPress was trying to replicate the original site as closely as we could. Through some clever coding and front end design, our developers were able to replicate the TeamBMPro website identically on WordPress.

During the site replication, we were able to optimize imagery and code to drastically improve the speed and efficiency of the new site. We were also successfully able to create a seamless mobile experience off the back of the existing desktop design templates. There were some hurdles along the way in the form of multi-currency environments, bulk blog-post migrations and user submitted reviews. Whilst some of these proved tricky, our team of experienced developers were able to resolve any issue they encountered. We are intent on delivering products that leave both our clients and ourselves feeling satisfied. Our intention was to not only complete the migration successfully but have the site performing better than when it was handed to us.

Team BM Pro Wordpress Design

The Results

Having been invited to present their products at a convention, TeamBMPro suddenly needed their new website much sooner than had originally been planned. Whilst this involved some long nights of development to get the finished product over the line within the new time-frame, we were very proud of the result. A secure, mobile-optimized and simple to use website that allows TeamBMPro to showcase the full range of their products and sell them internationally.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!





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