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Managing your digital channels to boost campaign ROI

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTAchieve higher returns from your marketing campaigns

Getting the most out of your marketing campaigns should be at the forefront of every marketing team, as success with these campaigns directly attributes to higher level business goals. Having the right digital marketing mix that supports and improves your marketing campaigns is one surefire way to increase campaign ROI. 

Digital campaign management is an intricate process of understanding the best channels to target, the messaging and call-to-actions that tie in with the offline campaign but also encourage the correct customer journey, as well as implementation timelines, measurement, and a flexibility to adapt as the campaign progresses for increased ROI.

What We Do

Digital Campaign Planning
Forward planning is the most important part of campaign management. When you first come on board with us, we’ll chat to you about any specific marketing campaigns that you run throughout the year. For example, this could include things like EOFY, Black Friday, Christmas, or a time or event that is more specific to your industry. We’ll also discuss any promotions during these times as well as the goals you are trying to achieve from them. Once we have an understanding of your high level campaigns, we can help break out what the digital campaigns will look like, the channels we’d recommend using, timelines and budgets. In most cases, digital campaign management will fall within an ongoing retainer which will allow us to actively begin preparing for the campaign 3-4 months out.
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Landing Pages
Landing pages are just one tool we may recommend using to support your marketing campaigns. Landing pages are useful for campaigns as they promote a single message and have a very straightforward user journey - meaning that they very effectively encourage the website visitor to convert (with a conversion relating to the goal you want to achieve - more sales, increase in leads, ebook downloads, etc). We can do everything for the creation of a landing page, from keyword research to content creation, user friendly layouts to page building, tracking and measurement.
Paid Advertising
Paid digital advertising can be an effective way to drive immediate traffic to your online campaign page (be that a landing page, home page or other page on your website). Paid advertising can take a number of forms including Google Search or Display advertising, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising or Bing advertising. As with any paid advertising, the key to success is planning ahead and investing time getting the correct strategy - from the right channels to the right keywords, bidding, targeting and more. You can read more about Paid Social here and more about Google Ads here.
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Email Marketing
If you have an email list, we will usually recommend adding this into your digital campaign mix. This can either be a one-off email to mark the beginning of the campaign, or a number of emails throughout the campaign to assist in promoting different aspects and encouraging customers already familiar with your brand to convert. You can read more about email marketing here.
SEO can be used to help build organic traffic for keywords relevant to your campaign. Because SEO is a longer-term beast with results taking a few months to see, we always recommend beginning SEO work for an upcoming campaign at least 4 months out. This enables us to get any relevant pages properly optimised with organic ranking improving before the campaign rolls out.
Analytics For Performance
All marketing campaigns have an end date, and that means that during campaign time, we need to be constantly reviewing, updating and adjusting your digital channels to get the most out of your ROI. For digital campaigns that run multiple channels, this could include moving monetary investment into better performing channels. In some cases, it may mean ceasing channels that aren’t performing, while in other cases it might mean placing greater investment in channels that are exceeding all expectations. Whatever the case may be, we keep a constant eye on your campaign performance and provide recommendations as they arise to ensure you get the best ROI out of your marketing campaign.
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