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Digital Marketing for Accountants

Marketing for Accountants – Digital Marketing Strategies

Are you looking to increase your business’s online presence? Digital marketing is the perfect way to grow your accounting firm.

There are a couple of key marketing tools that will help your accounting firm grow:

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The Opportunity for Accountants Online

While digital marketing is important for all industries, digital marketing for accountants is a must. With “accountants Melbourne” receiving an average of 1,300 monthly searches, there is a huge number of potential clients you could be reaching! Digital marketing isn’t a choice, it’s something that you can’t afford to overlook.

Google Ads for Accountants

Google Ads are the perfect way to target users searching for an accountant, as it ensures that you appear at the very front of search results. Target potential clients actively seeking accounting services with tailored ad campaigns.

As part of our Google Ads Account Management, we will:

  • Set up your account (if you do not already have an existing one)
  • Write your ad copy
  • Build your campaign, ad groups and ads
  • Write your business’ ad copy
  • Optimise your website landing page, to make sure the best results possible are achieved
  • Provide weekly campaign management

Why are Google Ads Beneficial?

  • Ads are specifically targeted at people looking for accountants – and they’re looking now!
  • With the visibility of ads, feature at the top of search results
  • You can target specific locations (down to the postcode level) and target your schedule based on your best-performing days and times
  • While we will suggest a monthly budget, you have the ability to increase and/or decrease the budget as you go
  • You have the ability to see what search terms people are using when looking for an accountant, so you can maximise your spend

Content Marketing for Accountants

While Google Ads are a fantastic way to make people aware of your business, Search Engine Optimisation is the main way to grow traffic to your accounting firm organically. Elevate your search engine rankings through SEO strategies, ensuring your accounting website appears on the first page of search results.

SEO for Accountants

Implementing an SEO strategy means that people will be more likely to find you when using accountant-based search terms – and they are more likely to be your target audience.

We will:

  • Do keyword research
  • Create landing pages that will go hand-in-hand with your ads
  • Optimise content
  • Research possible content opportunities
  • Implement and/or test calls-to-actions

Benefits of SEO for Accountants

  • Free, sustainable organic traffic
  • Quality leads who are actively searching for your business
  • SEO supports paid advertising
  • Ensures easy navigation for possible clientele through Information Architecture

We always recommend combining paid efforts with SEO, securing immediate leads and building a strong organic presence for sustainable, long-term leads.

Digital Marketing for Accountants

At Arcadian Digital, we care about your business. By combining best SEO practices with keyword-researched Google Ads, and our data-driven approach, your business has the best chance of reaching potential clients.

We can offer your accounting firm a combination of the following:

  • A professional website for your business
  • An in-house development team, who will consistently implement changes that will improve the performance of your site
  • Optimised content for search engines to target quality leads
  • Content marketing in the form of optimised service pages and blog posts
  • Management of your Google Ads account – this includes ongoing performance checks and optimisations, and strategic reviews of the account’s campaign
  • A monthly report and analysis

We also produce an annual marketing plan which we will review with you quarterly.

At Arcadian Digital, there is full transparency. We will:

  • Update you on progress towards your goals
  • Take you through any new or emerging opportunities for your business we have found
  • Outline the work we are doing at the task-level, so you can see how our work is contributing to our goals

Want to get in touch? Contact the team at Arcadian Digital today to talk about the digital marketing opportunities available for your accounting firm.

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