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Appear in front of high intent prospects for more conversions and better return using Google Ads. We are a data-driven digital marketing agency in Melbourne, and we apply this approach to our Google Ads management.

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Google Search Ads are ads that primarily appear above and below organic search results for specific search queries in Google on both desktop and mobile. Google Ads can be optimised to be specifically targeted to your business, product, customer type and geographic location, ensuring that budget is efficiently used. As with all forms of paid media, our goal is to continuously optimise your account for increased conversions at a lower cost. Following initial strategy discussions, Google Adwords has a very short set up time and can yield almost immediate results which can then be refined over time.

What We Do

Strategy Development
In order to recommend the best Google Ads campaign set up for your business, we'll first chat through your goals and have a look into your opportunities. This will include reviewing keywords and competitor research, followed by our recommendations for the initial setup. We want to make sure your campaign captures the attention of prospects and converts based on what we define together as your business and online goals. We will help you develop the right Google campaign strategy to maximise your return.
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Google Search Advertising
Approximately 95% of people in Australia use Google as their default search engine. This makes Google Search Ads a great tool to target your paid ads to potential customers with buying intent - these customers already know what they want and need and are looking for a business that can provide the product or service to them. We will help create an effective and customised Google Ads strategy that will help these prospects find you. We can help you dominate your PPC space and increase conversions that will quickly make your ad spend worthwhile.
Google Display Advertising
Similar to a modern-day billboard, Google display ads are image-based ads that can appear wherever your prospects may be online. You have the ability to follow prospects who have previously visited your site, previously searched for a product or service similar to yours and even target prospects that visit a specific site. We can help provide recommendations around whether Display Advertising might be a suitable fit for your business and goals, as well as assist in building, testing and optimising the campaign for increased conversions.
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Google Shopping
If you run an eCommerce store, Google Shopping campaigns can be used to promote online and local inventory as well as boost traffic and increase brand awareness. Following initial strategy discussions, we will usually look into the use of Google Shopping for online retailers due to its effectiveness to increase online sales. Google Shopping requires a different set up and management to regular search and display advertising as it will tie into your Google Merchant Centre.
Google Remarketing
Google Remarketing is a form of Google Ads that enables you to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your site or shown an interest in your products and offerings. These past visitors will see ads whilst they are browsing around the internet, watching videos or reading the news, which allows you to keep your brand top of mind and stay connected, even after they leave your site. Remarketing is especially beneficial for products or services with long sales cycles as you can continue reminding prospective customers of your brand while they make their way through the purchasing cycle. We can discuss any advantages using remarketing in your market mix during initial strategy discussions.
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Campaign Analysis and Optimisation
Whilst Google Ads can be set up quickly, it is essential that campaigns receive continuous analysis and optimisation. Continuous upkeep and optimisations are essential for a number of reasons. Most importantly, our regular maintenance of ads will:

  • Avoid stagnating campaigns that have a high cost and low return

  • Result in a lower cost per click (or CPC) which means that the overall cost of running ad campaigns lowers whilst still performing at an optimal level

  • Achieve “meaningful” clicks from customers with the intent to fulfill a goal or complete a purchase

With weekly checks and campaign monitoring by your account manager, we will be able to complete A/B tests to find which ads and ad copy resonates well with your target audience, make bid adjustments to maintain and efficiently use the budget, adjust keywords and LSI keywords and monitor the performance of the location and time-specific ads.

These insights and recommendations will be customised to your business and provided to you in monthly reports and quarterly plans. We also make sure that our recommendations align with your overall business objectives. Metrics that we will look at include ad impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).
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