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When it comes to digital marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We know that. That’s why in addition to our core service offerings, we also offer a wide range of more technical digital marketing services to assist you in making your marketing or brand more robust. Many of these services might be a one-off document that helps shape the rest of your digital marketing campaign. Others we might recommend re-visiting every few months or years. Below are just some of the other digital marketing service offerings we provide.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Audit
Whether you classify a conversion as a product sale, lead or anything in-between, your goal as a business is to achieve the highest conversion rate possible. Our CRO Audits look at understanding the current user behaviour, how visitors are converting, which channels are converting and identifying any holes or opportunities in the sales funnel to improve the conversion rate. Depending on your current pain-points and what you wish to achieve, we might also couple this audit with Persona Profiling, Content Evaluation, a CTA Review or an IA Audit.
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Information Architecture (IA) Audit
Our goal when undertaking an IA Audit is to analyse what information currently exists on the website, where it currently exists on the website and how it could be better structured to improve user experience and therefore conversions. An IA Audit usually involves keyword analysis, competitor research of both direct and indirect competitors, as well as a review of the current website and offering. Following implementation of an IA Audit, you can expect to see improved user navigation, increased conversions and an increase over time of organic traffic to the website.
Persona Profiling
Persona profiling involves the creation of a fictional character that identifies and represents a customer type. Our persona profiles go beyond demographic profiling of gender, age, location and socio-economic status and into the behaviors and attitudes of your customers. Once identified, we are able to use the personas to determine the best user journey for that customer type, how and when they will connect with you, which marketing channels will be the most effective to use and more.
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User Experience (UX) Audit
A US Audit refers to the collection of data used to analyse how users currently interact with a website. This can then be used to make educated recommendations on how to optimise the website to improve user experience. As UX is directly related to online goals, any optimisations to this should translate into better business performance and higher ROI.
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