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SEO AGENCY MELBOURNEImprove your website ranking in search with a winning SEO strategy

By using a competitive SEO strategy paired with the right keywords, you will be able to ensure your website gains an edge on similar businesses and reaches more of your target audience.

Customers using a search engine are closer to converting than any other channel’s audience. They know they need a product or service and are looking for solutions. They might even be further along and are looking for information to help make a purchase decision. So you need to be showcasing your website’s products and services to this market of active prospects. 

To do this, you need to optimise your website for the search engine algorithms. These algorithms are constantly making judgements on the quality of your site’s content and whether it is a relevant result to show searchers. Optimising your site will help it appear high in search results. Once you have that visibility on results pages, the traffic driven to your website is free. Keeping your website up-to-date with algorithm changes will make sure that your website is always being shown to people in the market for your products and services at no extra cost! So, are you ready to rank higher?

What We Do

Strategy Development
When you first come onboard with us, we’ll discuss your business goals and how digital marketing (which will usually include SEO) can help achieve these and grow your business. From here, we’ll create a marketing strategy which will outline one to two key annual goals as well as two to four quarterly goals that we update each quarter. At the end of each quarter, we’ll provide a detailed review of your goals - both on a quarterly and annual scale - so you can see how you’re tracking against achieving them.

It’s important to remember that search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy for building relevant, sustainable (and free) organic traffic. It can take months to see desired results because you will need to catch up to your competitors before you can outrank them. But if you’re looking for more immediate results, discuss this with us as we highly recommend pairing long -term SEO work with marketing channels that will give you a more immediate response.
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Understanding how your customers are searching for your product/service
Keyword research is at the forefront of our SEO activities because it enables us to identify the volume of people searching for different search terms. If keywords that are relevant to your business are attracting high volumes of monthly searches, we make sure your site is optimised for these keywords so you can rank for them and bring in that relevant traffic.

In addition to just finding the keywords, we’re also about aligning your site’s content to the intention of searchers. For example, if there is a high volume of monthly searches for “buy a TV”, you would want to drive that traffic to a shoppable page so they can buy a TV or a page telling them where they can buy a TV. However, if the high volume of searches was for “what TV should I buy”, this would indicate that visitors are seeking information so they can compare their choices.
Increase visibility and outrank competitors
Optimising your website ensures that you will appear in search results, and ongoing optimisation will increase the chance of your site appearing high in search results. You want to be seen at the top of the results page and ahead of your competitors.

With an understanding of your business and marketing goals, paired with keyword research, we will work towards improving the visibility and rank of your business against chosen keywords. Then we continuously monitor search rankings and can report on the successes as they appear.

There is a strong drop-off in clicks through to a website appearing on page 2 and lower - only 0.78% of searchers click on a result on the second page. And the power of appearing at the top of page 1 is clear:
- The result ranked #1 attracts 32% of all clicks for a search query
- A #1 result is 10 times more likely to be clicked on than a #10 result

As with all SEO, it can take a long time to reach page 1 of search results - especially for highly competitive terms. However, it’s important to remember that even small improvements can make a difference - depending on the starting position, moving up only one spot can increase the click-through rate by 31%.
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Optimise your website for local traffic (local SEO)
If you have a physical store and one of your objectives is to drive foot traffic, you want to make sure that your website can be found by local customers and people searching for businesses, products or services like yours in your local area. Local SEO will allow your store to be found online, as well as important information customers will then want for your business - address, phone number, opening hours, etc.

Why is appearing for local traffic important?
- After searching for a local business on a mobile device, 88% of people will call or visit the business within 24 hours.
- Nearly half of all Google searches are linked to something local.
- 78% of location-based mobile searches will result in an offline purchase.
- 72% of people who perform a local search will visit a store within 8km of their location.

If you have a physical store, local SEO will form part of our overall search engine optimisation strategy for you; ensuring you’re business is easy to search and find locally.
User Experience Optimisations
Part of search engine optimisation is ensuring your website provides the best user experience and user journey for your target audience. Improvements to this can greatly improve your conversions - be that leads or sales (or both!). We recommend AB (or split) testing as part of an SEO strategy. These tests usually run over one to three months until a clear winner/loser/null result has been found, and then the results from successful AB tests are pushed into recommended work for the upcoming months.

Having both a digital marketing and development team in-house means we can AB test a multitude of elements on the site and if successful can also implement them (even if they require complex coding).
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Optimising content for SEO
Content Optimisations
We all know that ‘content is king’ so content optimisation and content creation makes up a large chunk of our SEO recommendations. We always base our content recommendations off keyword research, conversions data and analytics data. Our in-house copy writers are here to assist in writing and optimising content for SEO.
Analytics for Performance
As with all digital marketing, we continuously collect and monitor data to track organic search traffic. We use this data to make our monthly and quarterly recommendations as well as providing recommendations for your overall digital strategy. Just some of the metrics we look at include return on investment (ROI), funnel analysis and conversions.
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