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Fri Feb 23 2018

What is remarketing?

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Remarketing is a form of advertising that enables you to show targeted ads to users online who have already visited your site, interacted with your advertising material or seen a product on your eCommerce store. Remarketing is a way to re-connect to prospective customers who have visited your site and deliberately taken interest in your offerings, but have not yet made a purchase or enquiry. It’s a highly effective method for following up on potential customers and prompting or reminding them of information they’ve already seen or engaged with.

Remarketing works by placing cookies on a visitors device, which adds that user to your audience list in your advertising platform (eg Google AdWords) allowing your advertising network (eg Google Display Network) to uniquely identify them on other sites. Ads for your product or service that they have previously viewed (on your website) can then be served to them on other sites as they go about their general web browsing (Google’s Display Network includes hundreds of thousands of compatible sites available to serve up remarketed advertising). The audience list can be organised into multiple lists based on audience criteria. This allows you to customise your ads to different segments of your audience (eg – anyone who views a product is sent ad ‘x’, anyone who views a service is served ad ‘y’).

Benefits to remarketing

  • Remarketing is a great way to connect to people who are interested in your product offerings. Since they have already interacted with your business, you can advertise to them when they are searching for other things or visiting other sites and apps. Because they are previous visitors to your site, they are more prepared and likely to buy products from you.
  • Remarketing lists can target certain segments of the audience, giving you more power to create a customized and personalised ad.
  • Google allows for remarketing campaigns with automated bidding. This means that your optimal bid will be automatically calculated, helping you win the ad auction with the best possible price at no extra cost from Google.
  • Google will be able to provide campaign statistics to show how different remarketing campaigns are performing, when and where ads are being shown and what price you are paying for your advertisements.
  • Remarketing is an effective way to increase your brand exposure and to stay top of mind with those customers who have already engaged with your brand, helping close the loop on potential sales or enquiries.

Ways to begin or carry out remarketing.

If you already advertise with Google, remarketing can be done by adding a piece of remarketing code to your website to start adding visitors to your remarketing audience list. Remarketing methods include standard and dynamic, remarketing lists for search ads, video remarketing and customer list remarketing.

Standard remarketing involves showing ads to past visitors as they browse sites and apps on the Display Network while dynamic remarketing involves ads that include products or services that people have previously viewed on your site.

Remarketing lists for search ads show ads to past visitors when they do follow up searches after leaving your site.Video remarketing is used when people have interacted with your video content or YouTube channel and ads will be shown to this audience list.

Customer list remarketing is targeted towards previous customers in order to advertise other products or offerings that are also available from your site.

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