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Mon Oct 23 2023

Google Core Algorithm Update October 2023

Core updates represent Google’s commitment to fine-tuning its primary search algorithms to deliver improved search results while reducing the visibility of low-quality websites. This latest core update will make substantial changes to search rankings, a pattern observed in previous core updates. Core updates primarily target Google’s fundamental ranking systems, striving to uplift authoritative, reliable, and […]

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Wed Oct 18 2023

What’s New in WordPress 6.4 – Release Date Set for 7th November 2023

Some new features include the intuitive lightbox functionality for image viewing, refined writing features such as advanced keyboard shortcuts, and an overhauled toolbar for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks. A revamped Command Palette has also been added along with the ability to swiftly navigate through content, with gallery and image previews in List View. With […]

Tue Oct 10 2023

Can Your Headless CMS be Indexed?

Understanding Headless CMS Before diving into indexing, let’s quickly recap what a headless CMS is. Unlike traditional CMS’s, which tightly couple content management with the presentation layer, a headless CMS decouples the content from its display. This means your content lives independently and can be distributed to various platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and […]

Mon Oct 02 2023

Black Friday 2023: Optimise Your eCommerce Site for a Shopping Surge

Black Friday: A Prelude to Christmas Beyond its reputation as a retail juggernaut, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have evolved into an instrumental event for Australians to jumpstart their Christmas shopping. Shoppers can anticipate an average discount of 22% during this time. This shift in consumer behaviour signals a remarkable departure from traditional shopping norms. […]

Thu Sep 28 2023

Digital Marketing in Difficult Times

How Do I Adapt My Marketing Strategy? In an era of uncertainty, digital marketing has emerged as a crucial lifeline for businesses. As consumers spend more time online, a large digital presence becomes the cornerstone of success. Adapting to Market Trends The digital marketing landscape is never static. Trends shift, algorithms change, and consumer behaviour […]

Wed Sep 20 2023

The Importance of Mobile Optimisation for SEO

What does Google’s Mobile-First Indexing mean? Put simply, Google rewards websites that are mobile-friendly. It is now estimated that around 60% of searches are now on mobile. With a larger percentage of people now searching on their mobile devices compared to desktops, the algorithm seeks to improve search results for users by providing relevant, high-quality […]

Mon Sep 04 2023

The Role of Local Business Schema Markup and Why You Should Implement It

Local business schema markup is essential for enhancing online visibility due to competition. Local SEO is a powerful strategy that can help businesses looking to dominate their local market. Content and on-page optimisation are all developed with focused, localised intent. Local business schema markup is essential for enhancing online visibility and improving search engine rankings. […]

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