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Thu Dec 17 2015

Tips To Get More Clicks

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Websites are everything in this day and age. Your website is not just a source of information, it’s also a salesperson (possibly your most important one!). But if your website isn’t converting customers, is it because of your website look, feel or functionality, or is it because you aren’t driving enough traffic to your site?

Your web developer should have set up some type of analytics for you, like Google Analytics. If they didn’t or haven’t, get this done immediately. That way, you will be able to measure visits, conversions and various other website analytics.

If you’re getting plenty of visits to your website, but no sales or leads (or fewer than expected), then you should be taking a look at your website. But, if you aren’t getting enough visitors to your website, how do you know you’re potentially great salesperson (your website!) isn’t doing its job?

Here are 6 of our top tips to increase website clicks!

1. Quality Content

Yes – back to that new saying, “Content is King”. For more on content, view our previous post, ‘Is my content king?’

2. Improve SEO

Good ol search engine optimisation. There are easy ways you can look to improve your search engine ranking. Click here to find 3 quick and easy tips to improve your SEO ranking.

3. Backlinks

Think of backlinks as referrals? in a technical sense! Backlinks are like a client saying to a friend, “Here’s a business card of this company I use. They are good, you should try them.” Backlinks are a measure that your website is (1) worthy and (2) relevant. We will tackle the subject of Backlinks in a future post, as it is an elephant even on its own!

4. Social Media

And to another catchphrase of the year – social media. Social media is incredibly important in building website clicks. All social media should be building your brand greater awareness and a loyal following, in doing so increasing the number of visits to your website (remember – use social media to increase traffic? it’s not JUST a social platform, it should be working to grow your business).

5. Advertise

Advertising through digital mediums is a great way to increase website traffic – and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Our recommendation is to try Google Adwords. This allows you to set your budget, and timeframe, and select keywords relevant to your business. Another great advertising tool is regular email marketing campaigns. These should be sent regularly to your email list (for example, a monthly newsletter) to encourage viewers to visit your website through the use of links on the email.

6. TRY IT!

That’s right. The final tip is to actually try everything suggested – not only in this post but also in the ones we’ve linked to. Getting traffic to your website does take time and a bit of grunt work, but it’s an absolute necessity in today’s world. Don’t let your business get lost in this digital age. Make sure you have built the foundations for people to find you. Once they’re there, you can start looking to see if your salesperson (website) is doing its job!

We hope you have enjoyed this post, and trial all these ideas to improve your website traffic. If you need assistance in either building website traffic or reviewing your website to increase sales or leads, contact us today.

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