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Thu Feb 22 2018

What is a Landing Page?

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A landing page isn’t just any page on your site. Landing pages are specific topical pages used to:

  • Generate organic traffic for specific keywords
  • Point Paid Advertising to with the goal of converting for a specific keyword
  • Promote a specific product/service to prospects or existing customers to grow its interest.

Landing pages have a specific and single Call To Action which could be to capture visitor information, get them to call you, get them to request a call back, sign up for a demo or put in their details to download a document. In short, landing pages exist purely to capture visitor information and attention and have no other distractions on them. Therefore, even though your homepage may have a form and capture visitor information, it does not exist solely for this reason, therefore it is not a landing page. The landing page may lead to the main site though, in which the user can find out more information about your company and what product offerings you have for them.

Landing pages can be beneficial for several reasons. These include:

  • Directly supporting your business goals by reaching niche markets depending on who your landing page is targeted at
  • Increasing conversions and collecting customer information through forms and call to actions
  • Providing insights on what topics and offerings are the most popular with your consumers
  • Increasing your email and advertising campaign list by having more potential customers sign up and respond to call to actions

If you are an accountant and offer tax services, you may have a services page describing general tax services but you could benefit from a page related to “Quarterly BAS Submissions”. This would be promoted each quarter with the goal to get businesses to use your tax expertise for this one specific task.

Having a landing page is a great start but having the right content and focus is key. This can be done by:

  • Speaking to your ideal customer and address their pain points.
  • Keeping your landing page simple and limiting your customer’s ability to navigate elsewhere. A simple landing page allows you to get data from your potential customer, so your page should not distract them and lead them elsewhere. This can be done by hiding navigation elements.
  • Making sure your landing page conveys that by giving their information, your customers and target audience will receive something valuable in exchange.
  • Enabling your consumer to share the page or your business with others.
  • Having multiple landing pages and testing them regularly to see which landing page works best for you.
  • Keeping the landing page short so that your consumers are focused on signing up and responding to call to actions

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