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Thu Nov 30 2017

4 AdWords Automated Rules to Try

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Google AdWords has many features you can use to automate your media buys and reduce spend while increasing conversion rate. Not using these ad rules could mean losing out on impressions to your competitors. Having rules in place is like having a full-time media buying assistant on your campaigns at all times.

Common ways to use automated rules

  • Automated rules allow you to schedule your ads to appear at specific times of the day.
  • Use automated rules to adjust bids depending on the time of day, seasonal factors or other dynamic conditions.
  • Control your budget and costs by showing ads only at the times that you choose.
  • Control high and low performing keywords

To get started, think about the tasks you frequently perform in your AdWords account and write down the steps you take. Then structure your rules to have these actions performed automatically for you.

We’ve included some examples of popular rules below. All rules are created by clicking the Automate button on the Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords or Ads tab.

These examples illustrate possible rules, but we encourage you to use your personal performance goals and expertise about your business to choose specific metrics and actions that make sense for you.

Once you’ve created rules, make sure to monitor their performance frequently and refine them to get the desired results.

This rule reviews all your enabled keywords and increases bids whenever certain requirements is met. The goal of this rule is to gain additional exposure for converting keywords that are under cost per conversion goal.

This rule allows you to increase the bid by 10% if its falling behind position 4. Ideally you want to avg position between 2 and 3

With this rule if your on position 1 you can reduce the bid by 5% to reduce cost per click

This rule will increase the bid on keywords that are lower performing quality score to ensure they are receiving impressions for testing.

Want help with setting up ad rules? Contact Us to get started or check out our blog on enhancing your AdWords through extensions.

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