Digital Strategy


Improving and optimising your digital marketing all begins with gaining deeper and more meaningful insights into how your customers interact with your brand in various channels. Optimising your digital marketing based on real analytics and an understanding of customer behaviour is a much more effective than the “gut-instinct” that many companies run campaigns with. Ultimately, you want to know that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve based on customer preferences, and continually improve your return on investment.


What Makes Us Different

Focused on Conversions

At Arcadian Digital, we’re focused on acquisitions; and whether an acquisition for you is a sale, contact request, mailing list sign up, or anything in between, we help gain an understanding of your marketing data to provide recommendations to optimise and improve your campaigns - with the objective to improve your digital acquisitions.


Integrated Campaign Management

We take the time to understand your business, industry and even what your competitors are up to in the digital space. We then recommend an integrated strategy that could include multiple digital marketing channels from improving SEO to PPC advertising, email marketing, social media and more. Our objective is to leverage your marketing spend by understanding which digital mediums are turning viewers into conversions.


Data-Driven Recommendations

Our strategy is about taking the guesswork out of your digital marketing. We base all our recommendations and decisions on data. In our team, your customers are the User Experience Experts; and we listen to their preferences through data to help deliver better experiences and more user-friendly websites. Everything we do circulates around using data to optimise your digital presence and improve your conversions. Using the latest data analytics process we create visual sales funnels to track user abandonment, user engagement heatmaps, and behaviour recordings for optimizations.


If you'd like to find out more about how we can help create a digital strategy to meet your business objectives, contact us today on 03 9090 7070, or complete our contact form here.