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Mon Oct 23 2023

Google Core Algorithm Update October 2023

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Google has successfully completed the rollout of its October 2023 Core Update, a strategic move aimed at enhancing search rankings by boosting high-quality content. The update started on October 5th and was completed 14 days later on October 19th.

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Core updates represent Google’s commitment to fine-tuning its primary search algorithms to deliver improved search results while reducing the visibility of low-quality websites.

This latest core update will make substantial changes to search rankings, a pattern observed in previous core updates.

Core updates primarily target Google’s fundamental ranking systems, striving to uplift authoritative, reliable, and beneficial content while decreasing the visibility of websites with low-quality content.

How Does the Update Affect Search Rankings?

The implementation of Google’s core updates typically introduces a period of volatility in search rankings that can persist until the arrival of the next update. As the update progresses, it’s common to witness daily fluctuations in search results as Google’s algorithms adapt to the changes. During such times, it’s important to exercise patience and regularly monitor your site’s analytics.

For websites that may have been negatively impacted, Google suggests a comprehensive review of content quality, expertise, and user experience. Identifying areas for enhancement, such as the addition of high-quality content or adjustments to your website, can facilitate the recovery process.

Why Does Google Introduce Core Updates?

Core updates are a means by which Google attempts to enhance the quality of search results and provide a better user experience. These updates serve to boost authoritative and dependable content. Websites with well-researched, comprehensive, and authoritative content may benefit from these updates. Conversely, sites with low-quality or thin content may see a decline in rankings.

To rank well, we recommend that you create valuable, informative, and engaging content for your target audience. Google traditionally releases multiple core updates annually, with each update targeting distinct ranking factors and varying in terms of its impact.

Recovery Best Practices:

Here at Arcadian, we follow some best practices to help businesses that may have been affected recover from core updates:

  • We prioritise the creation of helpful, fact-based content that establishes expertise and authority. Google will reward sites that follow its E-E-A-T guidelines (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and we take this into account when writing and optimising content.
  • Optimise your website to ensure a positive user experience across various devices.
  • Routinely examining search analytics and performance metrics to keep track of if/when visibility was affected.

While core updates may introduce fluctuations, their fundamental purpose is to enhance the overall quality of Google Search. By continually refining your strategies and offering high-value content, your website can maintain its visibility even during significant algorithm shifts.

If you are worried about Google Core Updates and how they may affect your visibility and rankings, contact the team at Arcadian Digital today. Our expert SEO team can craft a customised strategy for your website. We will help monitor ongoing changes for your site, minimising the risk of a steep decline in rankings. Your digital success is our top priority.

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