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Wed Mar 27 2024

CraftCMS 5 Now Available

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CraftCMS 5 is now available as of 26th March 2024, bringing a host of new features designed to make site management more efficient and secure. This update focuses on improving user experience, reducing development costs, and enhancing security. Here are the top features in CraftCMS 5.

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Refined User Interface

CraftCMS 5 comes with a redesigned control panel featuring a new icon set and collapsible global sidebar. These changes make the interface cleaner and more intuitive, helping you navigate and manage your site more efficiently.

Advanced Content Modelling

The new release allows for nested matrix fields and decoupled entry types (this is a fancy way of saying it nests elements really). This means you can create more flexible and reusable content structures, reducing the time and effort required for development.

Improved Security Features

Security is enhanced with two-factor authentication and passkey support, providing faster and more secure login methods. These improvements help protect your site and user data from potential threats which has become a highly requested feature across many of our productions sites this year.

Bulk Inline Editing

Bulk inline editing allows you to make changes to multiple elements directly within the element index view. This feature speeds up the content entry and update process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Enhanced Background and Shadow Tools

New tools for background and shadow customization let you control image size, repetition, and focal points within Group blocks. These features offer more design flexibility without the need for extensive coding.

Runtime Environment Changes

Sometimes with major releases there are infrastructure requirement changes. CraftCMS 5 requires PHP 8.2 and MySQL installs now use ‘utf8mb4’ character encoding by default (obviously this is more a dev thing but it’s always good to share these things), offering full emoji support system-wide. Ensuring your server environment meets these requirements will allow you to take full advantage of the update.

CraftCMS 5 offers several new features that can make your site management more efficient and secure. If you’re considering upgrading to this latest version, contact us today to ensure a smooth transition and to fully leverage these improvements.

Disclaimer: All CraftCMS sites are generally custom, so some features may require developer input to fully experience.

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