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Access Instructions: Google Ads


Granting Arcadian Access To Google Ads

We will be looking to add ‘’ and our team members to your existing Google Ads account. With our team working in-office and remotely, granting our team access as ‘Users’ ensures they can log in from any location. So, we request initial access from our main account, but you will also see individual users added over time.


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account –!/
  2. In the top right corner, see your account ID – will be numbers in this format: XXX-XXX-XXX
  3. Send us that Account ID and we will be able to request access
  4. We will confirm that access has been requested – you will then need to approve and grant access
  • If you can access the email address of the account, you will receive an email that should have a button to “Accept Request”. This will take you straight to the section of the Ads account to approve the request (please click “Accept”)
  • If you don’t get the email/can’t access the email address of the account
    1. In the Ads account, click ‘Tools & Settings’ in the top menu and select ‘Access and security’ (under ‘Setup’)
    2. By default, you’ll be on the ‘Users’ tab, switch to the ‘Managers’ tab where you should see our request and be able to ‘Accept’ it

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