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Wed Dec 11 2019

Increase Your Online Conversions with A/B Testing

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A/B testing is an essential tool to increase your website conversion rates. Comparing two web pages through A/B testing can give you crucial insights into the performance of your webpages, social media posts, CTA, etc.

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A/B testing is most often used to test websites – and the results can help determine ways to make them more effective at converting visitors into buyers. It can help online marketers gauge whether their digital marketing assets are meeting expectations. 

Stats show that about 60% of online businesses consider A/B testing as a valuable tool to increase their conversions. With 71% of them running two or more A/B tests in a month. 

The Benefits of A/B Testing

When used consistently, A/B testing can play an integral role in helping improve your overall user experience – ultimately leading to increased conversion rates. 

However, it does a lot more than impact your conversions – it also helps strategize for a more profitable future. 

For example, if you want a definitive answer on how to sell a new line of products, A/B testing will give you the data to make sound business decisions.

If there is a feature that is very similar to something else that you couldn’t move during testing, you’ll know not to go forward with it.

A/B testing diagram

Here are a few essential benefits of using A/B testing as a conversion tool:

Enhanced User Engagement

Did you know that President Obama’s campaign team raised an additional $60 million by using A/B testing and optimizing the landing pages?

Changing some words and pictures on the signup page resulted in higher campaign donations than any fundraising dinners could have achieved. 

Webpage elements such as headlines, imagery, CTA forms, content layout, colours, etc. can have a significant impact on the visitor psyche, compelling them to perform specific actions or bouncing off the page altogether.

A/B test these and other elements, one at a time to get clear insights on the affected user behaviour. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Research shows that better user experience design can increase conversion rates by 400% – and what better way to test UX than with A/B testing!

A/B testing is an effective way of producing content that results in more conversions. When you take the time to draft two versions of a campaign actively, it’s easier to gauge what works and what doesn’t.  

Testing for two versions is time-consuming but it is going to help you with lead conversion. 

Reduced Bounce Rates

With A/B testing, you can examine different versions of a page. For example, dated and undated pages to see which can retain the visitor’s interest for longer. 

The more time users spend on the site, the more likely they are to engage with your content. This can lead to a conversion and also reducing the bounce rates for your website in the process.  

Affordable Analysis

A/B testing is quick, affordable, and very effective at providing quality data that helps refine websites, apps, and emails alike. 

Global e-commerce sales are at an all-time high of $4.5 trillion, and if you want some of this trillion-dollar pie, it is essential to drive more traffic, more leads, and more sales via your website.

Small businesses have never before had the opportunity to compete with the bigwigs at such a large scale.  

A/B testing can give you the edge you need to do it all while remaining within your means. As you learn, grow and create content that ultimately leads to more online conversions for your business. 

Elements to A/B Test for Maximum Conversions 

The fact of the matter is that you can A/B test pretty much every aspect of your online presence – but that complicates the entire notion of A/B testing, especially if you are just starting.

Here are some of the most accessible and most impactful aspects of your website to test first:

The Use of Colors

Use dark text with a light background because it is a standard colour scheme, and users are usually accustomed to it. However, you can always experiment and test other elements such as images, graphics, design, CTA buttons, etc. to see which colours appeal the best to your target audience. 

Typeface & Font Size

To get the most out of your A/B testing experience, use a suitable typeface. For instance, Verdana and Courier fonts are easily deciphered at 12px, while Tahoma is more legible at 10px. 

Whichever typeface you choose, test the variation for user engagement and click-through rates with regards to the font size. 

CTA Opportunities 

The text on your call-to-action button is the most critical element on your landing page, and it needs to be tested thoroughly. Try various lengths, power words, value propositions and action words, etc. to find a combo that works for your brand.

Placement of Pricing Information

Experimenting with your pricing plans is also essential. For instance, designing different price packages with various features for maximum conversion. If you are offering a free trial, you can test the duration of that trial and see which one gets more response from your leads.  

Analyzing The Results Of Your A/B Test 

The whole process of A/B testing involves testing hypotheses, collecting data and finding information that can help you make the right decisions. 

Each test should have a goal (objective) that is used to compare the variation in order to determine the performance. For example, if you’re testing the text of your call-to-action button, the goal that is used should be the conversion rate. 


A/B testing can be a valuable tool as it helps you in identifying the right target audience.
Currently, about 44% of all companies use A/B testing software because it helps them enhance conversion rates and revenues on their landing pages. 

A/B testing helps you to fine-tune your websites and other marketing assets to maximize profitability and conversions. By using these tests correctly, you’ll have a wide range of refined metrics to select from.

Moreover, results from past A/B tests can help you come up with new hypotheses a lot faster when launching the next campaign. You can identify wins from the past trials and duplicate them as well.

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