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Thu Jul 11 2019

The Best Ways To Drive Traffic To A Landing Page

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A well-crafted landing page will convert better than your home page. But how do you drive traffic to your landing page? Targeted, planned SEO campaigns are more likely to be successful traffic-drivers than the ad hoc sprinkling of your site’s URL on email signatures and social media profiles, or the random use of keywords across several pages of your website. 

Google Diversity Update

Before Google’s most recent update, websites could get multiple listings on the search engine results page (SERP) from different pages on the same website. Google’s June 2019 Diversity Update has shifted things a little. Now, even if you have multiple relevant pieces on the same topic, only the top two or three will appear in a single search. 

This means your approach to establishing authority needs to change. Landing pages that are distinct, diverse, and distinguishable are far less likely to get lumped under the same search topic and end up being pulled out of relevant search results. 

This may mean narrowing your topic to better fit potential customer searches, which makes sense in a commercial world driven by Product-Market Fit.

Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

1. Social Media

Many brands don’t get full value from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube pages. The intention behind a personal account and a company page is quite different. For a personal account, the focus is to pull people to your social networking platform, getting fans, friends, and followers. 

For a brand, this is all well and good – building brand awareness is important, but your intention is often more focused. Random posts are a wasted opportunity. Posts that are entertaining, educational or inspirational are most likely to draw attention. But then what? 

Getting potential customers to your landing page means driving traffic away from your social media with a strong call to action and posts that are shareable. Why? Leads, leads, leads.

It is important to link posts to a dedicated landing page and, for both SEO and analysis of results, never use your home page as a promotional URL. Get specific. A URL or meta description must describe what the landing page offers, otherwise, users will bounce immediately. This represents another lost opportunity.

Here are some effective ways to use social media to drive traffic to your landing page:

  • Promote interaction with quizzes or shareable content;
  • Automate your social media to post notifications announcing new web content; 
  • Answer questions and comments—monitor messages to do this quickly; 
  • Post helpful information, e.g. how-to videos, live Q&A, or #AMA sessions; 
  • Share articles with relevant data, even if you didn’t write them, inviting users to find out more by visiting your landing page.

2. Email Marketing

Many business owners and managers believe that email is dead. Not so.

  • Email marketing is 66% more effective than social media in terms of conversions.
  • It’s also 40 times better (than social media) at client acquisition.
  • 81% of shoppers in the US say targeted email has an influence on their purchase.

Analysis reveals that readers are less likely to scroll through emails without reading. There’s also more scope for detail. So, in addition to that ‘new post’ alert on social media, send out a teaser email with your new content. It can include a curated list of related pieces, which increases your retention time. And, here again, link them to your landing page.

Online Conversations

Users browsing can come across your brand anywhere on the internet, especially if your blogs appear on the blogs of influencers or as references on authority sites. The promise of valuable content is a good drawcard. Every piece of content linked back to a landing page continues the conversation. 

To learn more about how a landing page can start funnelling new traffic into your website, contact us today.

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