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Tue Jan 02 2018

Marketing Trends for 2018

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2018 is here and it is important to recap the most important trends of 2017 and to know what to expect in digital marketing for the new year.

Most forms of digital marketing today rely on some form of data to drive the activity and ensure it remains at it’s most effective. However, as we move into the New Year, we’re going to see an even greater increase in data-backed marketing really taking over from the more traditional forms of marketing. Using data driven marketing, companies will have more in-depth knowledge about their consumers as a whole, as well as specific segments or individual customers. This type of information is priceless and gives companies the ability to provide highly targeted and highly effective communications. It also helps determine the best marketing channels to use as well as keep an eye on the most effective conversion channels. If you want to improve your marketing ROI in 2018, everything should begin with a data-backed marketing audit, followed by a data-driven and reviewed marketing plan.

While visualization has always been important in the marketing world, it is now more important than ever due to the need for instant gratification. Using images is a great way to represent your brand, its cultures and values and captivate your target audience immediately. Most consumers tend to accept and attach to visually rich content better than content lacking in visuals. In addition to this, 2017 has seen a rise in the use of video content marketing, and we expect this trend to continue in a larger force in 2018.

It is now more important than ever to ensure the content you present to consumers is visually pleasing and engaging to your audience. To make sure your brand is up to date with the latest visual design trends, read our last blog on trends in design for 2018.

Many consumers claim that they tend to use and rely more on businesses that provide content that is personalized and dynamically rich. Because of this, many businesses are now starting to move away from static and traditional content and beginning to incorporate more dynamic and driving content. Websites should incorporate automation plans that deliver personalized content to consumers. This means that feeds and content should meet specific needs and preferences and each consumer should receive a unique experience. For example:

  • A new user can be served with content that is different from someone who frequently visits the website,
  • Consumers in one state/area should see content personalized to their area,
  • Consumers who last bought a specific product from your ecommerce store should have information tailored to their likely shopping behavior

Due to the increasing use of mobile platforms and a faster than ever pace of communication, people want to be able to connect instantly. Research shows that 96% of mobile users reach for their phones immediately when a problem arises, to find answers immediately. Businesses should aim to increase the amount of micro interactions that occur between customers and staff to give quick and useful advice. The key to successful micro interaction is to ensure that the interactions you provide to consumers are immediate and efficient. These interactions are attractive to consumers as they can communicate without having the need to reload the page or open new windows. While this may be as simple as a more user-friendly FAQ section, you can also consider things like online chat which help give consumers an immediate response action.

Other forms of immediate micro interactions include the ability to react to content. For example, Facebook increased micro interactions with users by giving them the ability to react to content. Retailers may increase interactions by allowing consumers to like products or react to the product to give opinions and reviews.

If you need assistance with your digital marketing in 2018, contact us today. All our marketing starts with data and we use this to further enhance and refine your marketing as we go. We can help with everything digital from SEO to paid advertising, social, email marketing, automated marketing, content creation and much more. Drop us a line to chat through your requirements today!

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