28 by Sam Wood

Workout & Fitness Routines for Weight Loss - for human people

The Challenge

28 by Sam Wood is a rapidly growing and highly technical Workout, Fitness and Lifestyle transformation program.

Their growth rate, customer acquisition and retention has forced software, infrastructure and integration activities have lead to needing to think 3 steps ahead for everything we do.

The 28 challenge was and is to keep up with rapid growth while delivering their world class content and premium quality product.

The Approach

Before we got stuck into any technical aspect we needed to do a benchmark analysis. This included site load, server load, transaction rate, weekly trends and general gaps analysis.

With the high acquisition rate of new customers and traffic we needed to design a solution that was scalable but primarily built for 10x the current members ensuring it supported the community once it was complete. This was a difficult one to say the least as predicting future load based on historical data is never clear cut.

Once we’d mapped out where we needed to be we had to land on a technology stack that allowed for flexibility and wouldn’t cause the age old issue of “We can’t add that new functionality as we didn’t design for it, we needed to know from the beginning”.


The Solution

The final product, and I use final lightly as 28 by Sam Wood is changing everyday, used a Ruby on Rails platform with AWS auto scaling infrastructure.

The overall environment, complete custom code and infrastructure setup has been wildly successful resulting in no downtime, program interruptions or faults in over a year and counting. The platform has evolved tremendously and a huge amount of large custom enhancements have been added without any platform quality compromises and with no limitations on business requirements.

28 by Sam Wood is one of our most successful web applications and we look forward to see how it evolves in the future.

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!

Design, Content Management, PPCMcCormick


Web Development, PPC, SEOTilley Soaps

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