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Australia Post is Australia’s leading postal service corporation. Committed to connecting people all over the world, Australia Post offers delivery services, ID and document services, mobile phone plans, and much more.

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The challenge

With a company as big as Australia Post, comes many complexities. As time goes on, businesses are continuously looking to grow, evolve, and keep up with the market. And for Australia Post, this was no different.

Australia Post needed a team that could create an automated, user-friendly and targeted platform for their direct mail campaigns. They wanted this platform to be smarter, faster, and have a smaller learning curve. This would allow users to set up direct mail campaigns (without having to compromise quality) with accurate targeting based on demographic and psychographic information.

The approach

At the start of the project, our focus was to gain a deep understanding of the direct mail campaign process for Australia Post’s customers, including their challenges and areas of inefficiency.

With this information in hand, we worked with Australia Post to clarify their customer goals and long-term vision for the platform.

In collaboration with Roy Morgan Research, we created a user-friendly web-based platform for creating and mapping direct mail campaigns, empowering customers to make data-driven decisions and streamline their campaign creation process.

Our aim was to design a seamless solution that could be easily replicated online, and that is exactly what we delivered. The platform also allows users to efficiently save, duplicate, and reuse campaigns, making it ideal for seasonal marketing efforts.

The outcome

After the launch of the new platform, Australia Post experienced a substantial boost in customer adoption. As a result, they now offer one of the most unique and innovative direct mail campaigns driven by digital insights. Arcadian Digital remains a trusted partner and continues to provide ongoing platform enhancements to meet the evolving needs of Australia Post.

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