Roy Morgan Live

The Challenge

Roy Morgan Research have built a reputation for providing accurate, meaningful, insightful information to help society come to grips with reality and to help marketers, the media, governments and institutions make better, more informed decisions. Overtime Roy Morgan Research has grown their business to have both a real world and digital presence. They were looking to distinguish their core functionality of consulting and large scale research from their digital service offerings. Their challenge was how they intended to translate their complex digital products into plain English and offer a solution which would provide a simple and organic user experience.

The Approach

Arcadian Digital’s task was two-fold. Build an application that could house the entire digital suite of Roy Morgan Research’s online services and make sure that the site clearly informs the public of how these service’s work and how they can help customer’s better use data in their marketing. Most importantly, our build had to have the flexibility to ensure that Roy Morgan’s new site had room to expand into the future alongside their growing suite of digital services. For this reason, we developed the new Roy Morgan site to be a headless WordPress backend that engaged a ReactJS front end via a custom API sitting in Amazon API Gateway. This particular setup is amazingly scalable, allowing for unlimited growth with a rapidly growing customer base of users.

The Solution

The final product is Roy Morgan Live. Whilst still in its infancy, Roy Morgan Live will eventually offer users a portal to all of Roy Morgan’s digital services. Currently, it is being used as an online brochure to help potential client’s understand the full scope of RMR’s digital services. Arcadian Digital are also responsible for the custom design of the front end. Our development and design team worked tirelessly to build features such as the resource and partner filters whilst ensuring that the site’s aesthetics remained inline with our client’s brief. 

Tools of the Trade

What did we use to accomplish this? Glad you asked!
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