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Roy Morgan is Australia’s most established and trusted research company, providing reliable, accurate, and revealing market research. Operating on a global scale, Roy Morgan tracks social trends and develops innovative methodologies and new technologies.

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The challenge

Roy Morgan came to us looking to distinguish its consulting and large-scale research services from its other digital service offerings.

The challenge for us was to figure out how to transform their complex digital products into easily digestible content and offer a solution that would provide users with a seamless, integrated user experience.

The approach

After initial discovery sessions with the Roy Morgan team to understand exactly what they needed, we tailored a solution to match their immediate requirements and future product integrations.

The platform would look to house the entire suite of Roy Morgan Research’s digital products, and ensure that this website clearly articulated how these products worked together. More importantly, we needed to make sure that this platform had the ability to expand over time as Roy Morgan increased their digital product suite.

We developed a NodeJS API alongside a headless WordPress back end that drove a ReactJS front end. The NodeJS API was a custom API sitting in Amazon API Gateway that drove both the membership and functionality of the site and the surrounding suite of products. This particular setup is very scalable and allowed Roy Morgan the ability to easily grow with its increasing user base.

The outcome

Arcadian Digital developed a distributed platform with a modern look and feel that helped users clearly identify and understand the suite of digital products. Our team custom-designed the front end to bring an easy-to-use website to life.

Our relationship with Roy Morgan continues to thrive as we help them with ongoing work (encompassing regular maintenance of their websites and suite of SaaS-based platforms).

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