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United Energy

United Energy is an energy retailer that supplies reliable and affordable electricity to Victorians in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

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The challenge

Arcadian Digital was approached by United Energy with a request to overhaul their website. The aim was to offer a strong, scalable and user-friendly digital presence for their customers. United Energy was in need of a secure platform that could handle high levels of traffic, even during outages. Their choice to work with Arcadian Digital was influenced by our successful website build for CitiPower, which had demonstrated outstanding results in load testing.

Our approach

After initial discussions and consideration, we chose to use Craft CMS as the technical solution for this project because the team at United Energy were familiar with it. This allowed us to utilise a GraphQL schema to access the relevant data within the CMS and provide a headless CMS solution (with ReactJS and Gatsby delivering the content).

We focused on the content editor to ensure easy management of the website without the help of a developer. We planned the website to ensure that every module, page template, page navigation, and call-to-action could be edited by the internal team and customisable within United Energy’s brand guidelines.

Additionally, there were a few third-party integrations. Communications from the website came through Salesforce, and the outage map was fed from United Energy’s in-house power outage management solution. While the online functionality was developed by our team, the underlying data was supplied by smart meters on United Energy’s power grid, which is where our integration connected to.

The outcome

Since beginning work with United Energy, the website has been a constant evolution of its Information Architecture. It has ensured users can quickly and easily find the content that’s relevant to them and has reduced the excessive load of work that the internal support staff once had.

We continue to work with United Energy for maintenance and regular updates and have maintained a positive relationship with them.

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