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Digital Discovery

The Digital Discovery phase is where we kick off your digital project with a deep dive into understanding exactly what you need. Think of it as our digital detective work – we chat with key stakeholders to grasp your vision and goals, and delve into your requirements (covering everything from tech to user experience). We will scope out the competitive landscape to see where your project can really shine. It’s not just about what you need today, but also where you’re heading tomorrow.

We’ll also get up close and personal with your target audience, developing user personas to ensure we’re hitting the right notes. If you’ve got an existing digital asset that needs a refresh, we’ll figure out what’s working and what’s not. From there, we sketch out a roadmap, set clear goals, and align all stakeholders. This phase is all about setting the stage for a successful project, ensuring every detail is nailed down before we jump into the creative and development work.

Understanding and Visioning

The process starts with engaging Stakeholder Interviews, where we sit down with key players to grasp their vision, goals, and what they hope to achieve with the project. This step is crucial in identifying the target audience and understanding the business objectives. Next, we move to Goal Setting and KPIs, where we define clear, measurable goals for the project and pinpoint Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track our progress and success. This phase culminates with Stakeholder Alignment and Approval, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page and agrees on the direction of the project. This alignment is vital for a smooth and unified project journey.

Research and Analysis

Our Research and Analysis phase starts with a thorough Requirement Gathering to collect every detail about the project’s needs, covering functional, technical, content, and user experience aspects. We then conduct a Competitive Analysis to understand market trends, opportunities, and potential challenges, drawing insights from competitors and similar projects. The focus then shifts to the users with User Research and Personas, where we gather insights about the end-users’ needs, behaviours, and motivations, creating detailed personas to address the specific needs of different user groups. For projects involving existing digital assets, Current State Analysis is critical to identify what’s working and what isn’t. Lastly, a Technical Audit assesses the current technology stack and infrastructure, spotlighting any technical constraints or opportunities that could influence the project’s direction. This phase also includes a SWOT Analysis to identify the project’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, laying a solid foundation for strategic planning.

Planning and Strategy Development

In the Planning and Strategy Development stage, we initiate Ideation and Concept Development. Here, we brainstorm and develop initial concepts or approaches for the project, which might involve sketching out preliminary designs or outlining potential solutions. Risk Assessment follows, where we identify potential risks and challenges that might impact the project’s timeline, budget, or outcomes, and we develop strategies to mitigate these risks. The next crucial step is Budget and Resource Planning, where we outline the budgetary requirements and allocate resources efficiently for the project. We then craft a Project Roadmap, developing a high-level timeline that outlines key milestones and deliverables. This roadmap serves as a guide, ensuring that every team member understands the project’s trajectory and their role in it.

Documentation and Transition

The final section, Documentation and Transition, involves compiling all the findings, decisions and plans into comprehensive Documentation. This documentation is critical as it serves as the project’s blueprint, guiding every step of the implementation process. After the discovery findings are thoroughly documented, we move to the Transition to Next Phase, where we hand over these findings to the design and development teams. This transition marks the beginning of the next phase of the project, where the planning and strategies formulated during the discovery phase are put into action, bringing the project to life.

Why Work With Us

During the discovery phase, we set the baseline for our collaborative journey. The discovery phase is not just a preliminary step but a strategic compass guiding your success.

Our holistic approach ensures that our digital strategies are not just targeted but tailored to meet the unique needs, behaviours, and expectations of your audience. Ready to embark on a discovery and digital innovation journey with Arcadian Digital? Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your business.

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