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Google Shopping ads are one of the best ways to reach new customers and increase exposure to your eCommerce stores.

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Google Shopping is a campaign option for eCommerce retailers. This shopping campaign allows online retailers to push their products in front of consumers by appearing directly on Google search results. The campaign is based on ‘product listing feed’ which connects all the products listed on your website to Google. The potential opportunity for businesses who use this platform can be phenomenal if used properly. The purpose of Google Shopping is to create a seamless experience for your customers. As it allows consumers to browse through products from different websites directly on search results. For many retailers, this can help reduce barriers of conversion and widen their exposure.

If you would like to place highly tailored ads in front of your customers when they’re most likely to purchase then Google Shopping is for you. Our experienced team will be able to help you maximise your return for your advertising budget and provide full campaign transparency. Talk to our specialist and start seeing results today.

What We Do

Define Your Goals
For most online retailers or ecommerce stores, the main goal will be to increase sales. With this in mind, we'll spend some time reviewing what marketing channels you are currently using and the ROI of these. In most cases, we'll discuss the use of Google Shopping as one avenue to help increase online visibility and boost online sales. Generally speaking, customers looking through Google Shopping products are near the bottom of the sales funnel, making this channel a great opportunity to convert sales and showcase similar products.

Using Google Shopping campaigns for your eCommerce store will allow you to showcase each and every product in your store relevant to what the user is searching for. You can essentially present your whole store on search results at a very affordable price. With the available features and benefits, achieving a positive return for investment can potentially be very high. If you are already using Google Shopping, we'll take a look at your account and provide any recommendations to optimise for increased conversions.
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Optimising For Success
Google shopping generally provides more qualified clicks than any other eCommerce advertising platform, as it uses machine learning to optimise search results to better suit prospects searches. We help harness this along with optimising your Google Shopping feed, bidding strategy and more to reach your desired marketing and business objectives.
Smart Google Shopping
Smart Shopping campaigns is one of Google’s newest campaign types for eCommerce stores. It combines the features of a traditional shopping campaign with the features of a display campaign. Smart Google Shopping campaigns utilise machine learning to help you expand your reach and maximise your conversions. We can help structure your Smart Google Shopping campaigns based on your budget and product/category goals. We'll then continually manage and optimise the product feed to help reach your sales objectives.
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Product Feed Optimisation
Our team of experts can set up your Google Shopping account to pull your product feed directly from your site into Google Merchant Centre. This ensures your customers are able to see the most updated inventory of your products. Whether you’ve ‘sold out’ or you’re having a sale, we ensure your product feed and your ads are kept up to date. As our digital environment is constantly changing, regular health checks are required to prevent product feed errors that may jeopardise your business. As well as keeping a keen eye out for these, we’re also on the constant lookout for any improvements and updates that can help your business grow further.
Analytics for Performance
All data from marketing services provided by Arcadian Digital will be monitored and tracked to evaluate their performance. We analyse the performance data to provide insights and recommendations that can help grow your business. We also make sure that our recommendations align with your overall business objectives. As part of our marketing service, we will be providing a monthly report and a quarterly plan.
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