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Wed Oct 18 2023

What’s New in WordPress 6.4 – Release Date Set for 7th November 2023

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WordPress 6.4, is set for release on November 7th, 2023, bringing a suite of exciting enhancements to elevate your CMS experience.

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Some new features include the intuitive lightbox functionality for image viewing, refined writing features such as advanced keyboard shortcuts, and an overhauled toolbar for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks. A revamped Command Palette has also been added along with the ability to swiftly navigate through content, with gallery and image previews in List View. With over 60 accessibility upgrades, more than 100 performance tweaks, and all of the security functionality of the October release of WordPress 6.3.2, this upgrade is one to take note of.

New Lightbox Feature for Images

In WordPress 6.4, adding a lightbox to your images just got easier. Now, when you add a picture, there’s an ‘Expand on Click’ option. Once you turn this on, your readers can click to see the image in a bigger view without leaving your page. Just a heads-up: if you’re using the Gallery block, you’ll need to set this up for each photo separately.

Improved Writing Experience

WordPress 6.4 is all about making your writing and editing journey smoother. Tired of navigating complex settings? Good news! New keyboard shortcuts are here to save the day. Making lists? They just got tidier with improvements to list merging. And if you’ve been wanting more control over your links, you’re in for a treat. The link settings have been tweaked, making it easier to decide if a link opens in a new tab. Plus, the toolbar for Navigation, List, and Quote blocks has a fresh, user-friendly look.

Updated Command Palette

Remember the command palette tool from WordPress 6.3 that let you quickly punch in commands with CTRL+K? Well, WordPress 6.4 just took it up a notch! The new refreshed look is also packed with new shortcuts to play around with. Managing blocks is much more user-friendly – whether you’re looking to duplicate, change, delete, or even add blocks, the revamped command palette’s got your back. Selecting multiple blocks and tweaking them all at once is now a piece of cake.

Easier Media Management in List View

Navigating through your content in WordPress 6.4 just got a lot handier. With the updated list view, you can see your images and galleries straight away with the new previews. No more guessing or extra clicks to see where each image is. Plus, if you’ve ever been puzzled about which block does what, you’re in luck. Now, you can rename blocks right in the list view, making your layouts clearer and easier to work with.

Boosting Accessibility

WordPress 6.4 is all about making things simpler and more accessible for everyone. Let’s talk about some standout changes:

  • Logging In Made Clearer: Ever been puzzled by those error messages when trying to log in? They’re now clearer and easier to understand.
  • Tidier Admin Area: The admin section is less cluttered, with more intuitive “Add New” links and smarter button placements.
  • GIFs That Respect You: For those who find moving GIFs a bit much, there’s now a “no motion” setting to keep them still.
  • Site Health Speaks Up: The spoken messages in the Site Health section have gotten a nice upgrade, making them more informative.
  • Media Library Upgrades: Editing images in the Media Library is now a smoother process. Gone are the confusing button states and jumbled UI elements.
  • Mobile Tweaks: For mobile users, particularly those on Safari, the admin menu is more responsive.
  • Clearer Icons and Notices: Whether it’s a clearer ‘close’ icon or a heads-up notice when JavaScript is off, the visual cues are more user-friendly.

These are just a few highlights from a hefty list of updates focused on accessibility. WordPress 6.4 is truly making the platform more user-friendly, ensuring everyone has a smoother, more inclusive experience.

Boosting Speed in WordPress 6.4

In the tech world, speed often steals the show. With WordPress 6.4, it’s no different. The team behind the platform rolled up their sleeves and made over 100 tweaks to give your site that extra oomph.

Imagine your site’s engine getting a turbocharge. That’s what the WordPress team aimed for. They’ve worked on making themes – both classic and block ones – load faster. Ever spent time waiting while uploading media or switching between pages on your dashboard? Those delays have been reduced, thanks to smart changes such as optimising how scripts load and cutting down on unnecessary database calls. Plus, there’s been focus placed on streamlining the efficiency of some of the core functions, ensuring that every action you do feels snappier. In short, WordPress 6.4 assures a refined website experience, ensuring a seamless journey for both you and your visitors.

Feeling excited about WordPress 6.4 and its fresh features? If you’re thinking about upgrading and need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out. The team at Arcadian Digital is here to guide you. Just visit our contact page, drop us an email, or give us a call. We’ll ensure your transition to 6.4 is smooth and hassle-free!

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