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Thu Oct 15 2020

Why You Should Get Your Ads Prepared for Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Sales in 2020 Now

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Australia have quickly become the sales that ‘stop the nation.’ Retailers and service-based businesses are quickly adapting by getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad campaigns prepared for launch day. They are learning how to attract Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargain-hungry shoppers to their stores.

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With these promotions launching in late November, now is the time to ensure your business’ ad campaigns and website are prepared. Make sure they are ready to attract sales and handle high volumes of potential traffic.

Black Friday falls on November 27 and Cyber Monday falls on the following Monday, November 30.

Occurring a month out from Christmas, it is a great opportunity for Australians to get started on their Christmas shopping and to take advantage of great deals. This is confirmed by a trend indicating that customers are moving their shopping earlier. Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting revealed a rise in retail trade of 1% in November and fall of 0.5% in December 2019.

The Opportunity in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

In 2018, Black Friday sales independently generated over $400 million in Australia. It is a fantastic opportunity for Australian businesses to capture high volumes of in-store and online traffic.

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Finder, 71% of Australians polled had plans to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Businesses that don’t offer an appealing discount, free gift or add-on will likely lose out to competitors. There is growing anticipation and interest mounting around the American buying frenzy. So much so, that Australian customers are now expecting to score a Black Friday deal or Cyber Monday exclusive.

What do I need to do to advertise on Black Friday and or Cyber Monday?

To take advantage of the late-November sales you will need a marketing campaign to let customers know that you are a participating business.

This might include advertising a special retail promotion a day or up to two weeks before it happens. For example, making a social media post on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Alternatively, it could involve sending an email marketing campaign with an attractive subject line. Setting up these pre-sale campaigns will help to build anticipation for your flash sale.

Once Black Friday kicks in, you would then launch campaigns that you have already set up earlier across platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads and Microsoft Bing. This means, that shoppers searching ‘[Your Brand Name] Black Friday’ can expect to see a special deal across search results.

Black Friday once was a one-day affair, now it has been extended by retailers who describe it as the ‘Black Friday weekend.’ Following this promotional period, Cyber Monday starts and as the names suggest, it is reserved for online sales.

What are the advantages of advertising during Black Friday weekend for customers?

Simply having a dedicated campaign to promote your special offer will significantly maximise your likelihood of making a sale. How so? Because searchers who are typing your name in the search bar on these days are highly motivated by discounts. If they see an attractive offer, there is a very high chance that they will buy.

This is why many retailers and service providers hold off the best deals for these two shopping events. Whilst the discount or offer might impact your bottom line, the pure volume of potential on-foot and in-store traffic can be enormous.

How do I create campaigns to make the most of the sales frenzy?

Beyond the creation of suitable creatives and messaging, campaigns need to be appropriately set up to target audiences that are most likely to buy. Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns are suited for retailers as well as companies that provide a service. Let’s say your company rents out conference spaces, your promotion could be a bonus hour for bookings. It’s time to think ‘out of the box’ about what could get potential customers ‘across the line.’

Once you have these campaigns setup and driving traffic to your website, it is possible to implement a ‘remarketing’ campaign. This will allow you to sell to those who have left your website after browsing or abandoning their shopping cart.

Can my website handle high surges in traffic and purchases during the sales?

Not all websites are born equal. There are numerous technical elements when it comes to ensuring your website can handle a high traffic load. At Arcadian Digital, we build and look after websites that can handle high traffic volumes. These include CitiPower and Powercor’s Outage Map and Tilley Soaps’ multi-million revenue generating eCommerce site.

Need a hand with getting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google running? Require marketing support to develop your strategy for the year’s biggest online sales period? Or want to ensure your website can handle the surge in traffic?

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